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The bears continuously struggled, the market turned red


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The bears continuously struggled, the market turned red


Price bitcoin It appears to be stuck at $ 11.300 as the range in the past few hours has been relatively narrow, while other cryptocurrencies continue to look for growth.

The chart of movements from CoinDesk shows that over the past 24 hours, although Bitcoin's price has moved in a very narrow range from 11.243 to 11.484 USD, the continuous increases and decreases have been created, indicating instability.

Bitcoin price movement over the past 24 hours

Bitcoin exchange rate Today (June 11) recorded at 10:10 at 10 USD, down 11.356% compared to the last 0,8 hours.

Bitcoin exchange rate

The red color pulled back on the 'village', in the top 100 recorded up to 70/100 electronic coins by market value decreased compared to the past 24 hours.

Overview of virtual money market

Compared to yesterday, this morning's session was quite bleak, many of the top altcoins have turned down in the past 24 hours.

top 10 virtual currencies

Total crypto market cap today recorded at 10:15 am at $ 357,65 billion, up $ 6 billion from the past 24 hours.

Total virtual currency market capitalization

In contrast, the market's 24-hour trading volume continued to decline, recorded at $ 86,90 billion, which is $ 8 billion lower than on October 10.

Bitcoin transaction value and fees increased in the third quarter of 3

According to data from The Block Research, the amount of value traded on the bitcoin network increased significantly in Q3.

Specifically, in the third quarter users have transacted more than 225 billion USD, average daily is 2,4 billion USD. In total, the value traded over the bitcoin network has increased by about 25% compared to Q2 this year, reaching $ 180 billion.

transaction value btc

In addition, ptransaction fees on the bitcoin network have also increased. Miners saw an 88% increase in fee revenue QoQ. Users paid an average of $ 987k per day in transaction fees in the previous quarter. 

transaction fee btc

Web traffic to crypto exchanges plummeted

Also according to data released from The Block Research showed that web traffic to crypto exchanges fell 14,6% between August and September.

More specifically, the web traffic of crypto exchanges in August 8 peaked at 2020 million hits - this is considered a pretty high level, however by September this number has dropped. 144,3 million arrivals.

But despite a slight decrease compared to August, September is still considered the second highest web traffic month this year.

web traffic

Binance continues to be the name that accounts for the majority of the traffic, accounting for 28,9%, equivalent to 35,6 million visitors. Followed by Coinbase with 23,7 million and finally BitMEX with 5,4 million.

web traffic of exchanges

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