Cash transaction first appeared in Vietnam on T-Rex Exchange


The market has recently been hotter than ever, after the news that the US and Iran were in a period of stress, the price of Bitcoin (BTC) soared from 7600 to 8500 in two days. Besides, we also receive a series of new updates from domestic and foreign exchanges. T-Rex Exchange has launched a quite new function, which is: Cash Transaction.

This shows that T-Rex Exchange is still following the original direction we analyzed: Multiple forms of payment to own BTC. Currently, T-Rex has launched the following transaction forms:

  • Bank transfer: This form is quite common with OTC stocks currently on the market. But unlike other OTC platforms, T-Rex applies P2P platform, meaning that users can choose partners and pay directly to their partners rather than depositing VND into the floor account as we often see. . P2P is applied by leading exchanges such as Huobi and Okex because of its safety and its user network can expand unlimited.
  • E-wallet: This is a prominent point on the T-Rex floor. You can buy Coin and use Momo, ZaloPay, ViettelPay, VinID and Moca to pay immediately to your partner. Very fast and convenient.

Not only that, on January 03, 01, T-Rex added another form Payment in cash on his floor. For those who want to receive cash directly from their coins, they can be sold on T-Rex with the following important notes: Number of coins , and transaction location. This form of payment is quite popular abroad. Especially countries like the US, Australia, ...


  • Avoid fraud risks when giving money and partners do not transfer coins.
  • Cash receiving, anonymity extremely high cash flow.
  • Suitable for foreigners playing coin to Vietnam but can't bring much cash through the airport
  • The transaction process is fast but safe


  • In addition to Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, other locations are difficult to find a suitable partner
  • Physical risks when dealing, should trade in crowded places such as banks or cafes.
  • Cash transaction habit of Vietnam market is not much.
  • Price is not the same as online trading.

Overall rating:

  • The first form of cash payment appeared on an exchange in Vietnam
  • Quite suitable for a number of foreigners or overseas Vietnamese to return home.
  • High anonymity, however, it is difficult to find a suitable partner for the geographical location.
Figure 1: Cash receipt transaction on T-Rex
Figure 1: Cash receipt transaction on T-Rex

T-Rex is very dynamic and has a clear goal for the development of additional payment methods on the floor. Let's wait and see what more they offer in 2020 to better suit the Vietnam market besides 3 forms of payment: Online, e-wallets and cash.

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