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$ 1.000.000 BLink - The first IFO is on sale on PancakeSwap


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Pancakeswap IFO BLINK

Hello guys holding CAKE, Pancakeswap announces BLINk is IFO (Initial Farm Offering) was first held on IFO platform Pancakeswap's new debut.

Those who want to buy IFO without knowing how to use Pancakeswap can see the article below

What is Pancakeswap? Instructions for use Pancakeswap

Detail selling IFO

Opening time for sale Friday, November 6 at 20-11 pm Vietnam
Total funds raised 1.000.000 USD in CAKE-BNB LP token
Tokens are sold 100.000.000 BLK (10% of total supply)
Method overflow

Instructions for joining IFO:

Before selling:

  1. Buy CAKE and BNB token
  2. Get the CAKE-BNB LP token by adding CAKE and BNB liquidity

During the sale:

  1. While the deals take place on time 8 pm - 9 pm Vietnam time on November 20th. Use your CAKE-LP token to buy BLK tokens at

IFO Countdown

After sale:

  1. Once the sale is complete, request your BLK token and your unspent funds will also be sent back to you.
  2. Done! In the event of an overflow, you can unstake your remaining CAKE-BNB LP token.

If you bought CAKE-BNB LP tokens before IFO started. You can use this token to farm get more CAKE pending sale.

Please note - while you are holding CAKE-BNB LP tokens, you will be at risk losses.

What is "Overflow" selling method?

Summary: Basically, the more you buy, the more you get. On the contrary, you will get back anything that is not purchased.

With the method "Overflow", users can subscribe to buy IFO as much, as much or as little as they want.

The final allocation will be based on the amount of money a player has put in as a percentage of all funds that another player makes up to the end of the sale.

Users will get back any of their excess funds after the sale ends.

Here are three basic examples to show you what we mean:

Overflow example

Please note - The final USD price per CAKE-BNB LP token will be set a few minutes before the sale starts at 8pm Vietnam, Friday 20 November and will be broadcast promoted on all channels.

Although some things may change initially, But two things are certain:

  1. You will requires CAKE-BNB LP token to participate.
  2. If a $ 1.000.000 allocation is reached, then $ 500,000 CAKE will be burned forever.

Project details

Project Blink (BLK)
Webpage Will launch on November 18
Maximum supply 999.999.999 BLK
Whitepaper Will launch on November 18
Telegram (EN)

What is BLINk?

BLINk is a partnership between WINk and the Binance ecosystem. Together, they've created a brand new game platform that runs entirely on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

The platform will allow BNB holders to start using their tokens to experience the fun of everyday gaming and redistribute the assets WINkster players on Tron have enjoyed for more than two. year.

Why create a new platform on a new chain?

As WINk grew, they added the ability to play with various coins. Their partnership with Poloniex has opened up the platform of more than 100 digital assets.

No other blockchain casino has such a large range of tokens to play with.

However, many crypto users remain loyal to a small number of coins and prefer to keep their tokens in their on-chain ecosystem.

By creating a new platform on the BSC, they will be able to introduce WINk to a part of the market that would otherwise be inaccessible.

As their expansion continues and they start adding more gaming DApps, the opportunity to reach more indie markets will encourage more developers to build on WINk.

Token Blink (BLK)

Instead of copying the many tokens available on WINk, they opted for a single token instead - BLINk (BLK).

They want people to be able to invest in tokens without having to be a player but also want to keep the behavioral mining element that has proven to be very popular among players.

Token distribution

  • Mining (Including Initial Mining): 30%
  • Ecosystem support: 20%
  • Support game developers on Binance: 15%
  • Team: 15%
  • Initial Dex / Farm supply: 20%

(We'll provide more information and update this release as it becomes available.)

Disclaimer All projects are subject to high and volatile market risks. Please do your own research and full due diligence before considering investing your money in any project and please make your investments very cautious. PancakeSwap will not be responsible for any investment losses.

PancakeSwap's community channels and social networks

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