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Celebration event not to be missed with a series of rewards and attractive perks

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In recent times, the cryptocurrency market has been engulfed in a prolonged bearish momentum, the Fear Index has hit new lows in a row. Faced with this situation, many project teams and crypto experts expect a new bull run and maintain the project's activity in moderation.

Meanwhile, CSC chose to go a different direction. In the series of events to celebrate its 1st anniversary, CSC has launched a series of great activities with great prizes. Join CoinEx events for amazing bonuses and attractive perks during the bear market!

Advantages of CSC

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As of now, Ethereum still dominates the public chain market. However, they also have major disadvantages such as expensive gas fees and low efficiency. This prevents Ethereum from fully meeting the needs as the DApp market grows rapidly.

Among the many public chains, CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC) – released by the development team CoinEx exchange on June 30 of last year – attracted attention shortly after its launch. The public chain has combined the advantages of mainnets and adopted the PoS consensus algorithm to solve the problems of poor performance and high gas fees.

In addition, the CoinEx development team also runs an exchange that has never experienced any security incidents, a rare record in the crypto industry. As a result, CSC also features enhanced security.

After a year of steady growth, CSC has grown into an ecosystem DeFi efficient, becoming increasingly flexible as more DApps choose to deploy on CSC.

Crypto privileges from OneSwap

OneSwap – a DEX built by CoinEx – is also part of the 1st anniversary campaign: all users using OneSwap Prediction contracts during the event will receive certain rewards. . In other words, we can get bonuses and perks through the use of OneSwap.

Link: https://www.oneswap.net/cet/prediction

As a loyal OneSwap user, I have watched them grow. To begin with, we can look at the project as a typical DEX (decentralized exchange). With no regulations in listing or fees, users can start trading cryptocurrencies once they connect their wallet to the DEX. Moreover, since OneSwap supports AMM, we can not only trade cryptocurrencies, but also earn crypto through market making.

In addition, OneSwap introduces an on-chain order book model that combines the advantages of AMM and a conventional order book, meeting the trading needs of more users.

OneSwap recently launched a new functional segment called Prediction as part of CSC's one year anniversary. During the event period, we can easily get bonuses from OneSwap by trying “predictions”.

Win bonuses in OneSwap

To begin with, we should familiarize ourselves with the Prediction feature, as well as the product functions.

(1) How to predict in OneSwap

With Prediction, we can earn rewards by predicting the price trend of cryptocurrency in the next 10 minutes. Currently, Predict only supports the BTC/USDT market. In other words, we can bet some CET on the rise or fall of the BTC price in the next 10 minutes. If our prediction is correct, the bet doubles and you make a profit.

Some people may ask: is the lock price of each round of Prediction fair?

To address this concern, OneSwap uses the index prices of CoinEx linear contracts to provide the market with current predictions. They are updated every 5 seconds and determine the lock price as well as the payout price per round.

In addition, CoinEx index futures prices are calculated based on the spot prices of several exchanges:

The figure above shows us CoinEx index futures prices taken from the price records of four exchanges: Binance, Huobi Global, Kucoin, and FTX with each exchange accounting for 25% of the total weight. These exchanges fairly reflect the market price as they are all prominent brokers. Therefore, we do not have to worry about the fairness of the reference price given by OneSwap in the Prediction.

(2) Win Bonuses – Get the privilege now 

link: https://www.oneswap.net/cet/prediction

Time: 30/6 - 5/7


  • All users who have participated in OneSwap Prediction once will have a chance to share 500 USD CET and each address can have two chances to share the prize.
  • During the event period, the user who wins the most CET and the user who loses the most CET will receive 80 USD worth of CET tokens.

First, we need to understand the rules: only users who used the Predict product between June 30 and July 6 can share the prize, regardless of their prediction. right or wrong, which makes the event a valuable opportunity for users to get perks from CoinEx. Since each address can have two chances of winning, we should place two bets on the Predict to get the most out of it.

This is a rare opportunity to profit as only a few platforms hold bounty events during the current bear market. Therefore, it will be a pity if we miss this event!

To join the event, we'll need to do some simple steps. First, visit the related Predictions page at https://www.oneswap.net/cet/prediction.

The prediction time lasts for five minutes, including the betting part. So we should make sure that there is enough time (as noted on the page). While 30 seconds is usually enough, you can place your bets earlier to ensure the bets will be successfully submitted.

On the Prediction page there will be two buttons: Going UP or Going DOWN. For example, if I believe the price of BTC will drop, then I will click Going DOWN, enter the amount of CET (my bet) in the pop-up window, and click Submit to complete the bet.

After placing your bet, you will see the page below. Like you say, my bet is 80 CET and I will get 76 CET (minus service fee of 4 CET) if my prediction is correct.

After placing a bet, we will need to wait for the current round to end. After the first five minutes, the locked price will be generated. For example, the final lock price of my bet is 20.143,81 USDT.

We have now entered a five-minute freeze. Then, if the last BTC price exceeds the locked price, the BTC price will be considered to have increased and vice versa.

Here is an example. In the current round, I can win 76 CET prizes and perks from the giveaway event because my prediction is correct (Going DOWN).

It should be noted that the first five minutes are for betting, after which a locked price will be generated. The final outcome of the round depends on a five-minute freezing time and after that the final prize will be generated. Also, whether the price goes up or down depends on whether the locked price exceeds the last price, not the BTC price you bet on.

We can also check our prediction record in the history section.

Both predictions are correct, I get 95 CET and 75 CET respectively. At this point, I just click “Claim All” to get all the earnings. In addition to the proceeds from betting, we can also receive additional perks from the giveaway event. Now is the best time for you to “PROJECT” through OneSwap!

More Crypto Perks from CSC . Celebration

In addition to the OneSwap “Predict” giveaway event, we can also win perks through two other celebratory events.

1. Speak with “CSC”

2. The Best CSC Advertisement


In the current bear market, only a few project teams are willing to spend their budgets on events. With a series of public events celebrating its one year anniversary, CSC is happy to host events and give back to its community – a testament to their sincerity. Join the event now and don't miss out on special perks that are valuable during this bear market.

About CoinEx

coinex is one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, established in 2017 by CEO Haipo Yang. CoinEx is not only an exchange but also a rich ecosystem of: ViaBTC mining poolCryptocurrency wallet ViaWalletDecentralized exchange OneSwapsmart contract chain, and most recently the charity – CoinEx Charity.

Besides, with continuous development and efforts, CoinEx has changed the motto of the exchange to "make cryptocurrency trading easier" to make CoinEx a place to meet the needs of the crypto exchanges. inexperienced traders as well as veteran traders.

In addition, when the whole market entered a long-term bearish phase, the exchange understood the psychology of users wanting to make money in the bear market to launch a number of features to help “beating Future” is easier than ever. Let's

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