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European Central Bank Reveals 10% of Eurozone Households Own Crypto

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Research published on May 24 by the European Central Bank (ECB) indicates that 5 in 1 households in the Eurozone have purchased crypto assets.

In particular, the ECB has stated during the recent volatility that cryptocurrencies could spread to the rest of the global financial system as institutional investors increasingly pour money into crypto.

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“Recent results from Consumer Expectations Survey (CES) of the ECB for six euro area countries shows that up to 10% of households own crypto assets.”

The ECB added:

“Since this is a global market, there is a need for global coordination of regulatory measures. The crypto asset market is currently showing signs of emerging financial stability risks. ” 

Surveys in six EU countries show crypto ownership rates ranging from six percent in France to fourteen percent in the Netherlands.

About 37% of respondents reported holding 999 euros ($1.065) worth of cryptocurrency, while 29% had between 1.000 euros and 4.999 euros, and 13% had between 5.000 euros and 9.999 euros.

“On average, young men and highly educated people are more likely to invest in crypto assets.”

The ECB says that crypto assets are not suitable for the vast majority of ordinary investors and encourages European Union regulators to “urgently” establish new laws governing crypto assets. death.

Recently, the President of the European Central Bank, Christine Lagarde, has been quite clear about her stance on the value of crypto-assets:My assessment is that it is worth nothing.”

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