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After the first contest took place successfully, ABCC floor continues to offer rewards for top traders, this time up to 1 million dong! Still the same, trade ANY COINS, VOLUME-BASED rewards!

Time: 11:00, October 29 to 10:23, 59/11

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To participate, just 2 simple conditions:

1) Make at least 2 trades 

2) Trading volume more than 100 USDT 

Rewards are awarded based on trading volume:

First Prize: 1.500 USDT

Second prize: 1.000 USDT billion

3rd – 10th Prize: Share 1.000 USDT

The remaining 100 tiers: Share 1.000 USDT


The total value of the contest prizes is up to: more than 100 million VND

Registration: http://bit.ly/ABCC-trading-competition-II 

(Register an account with this link and trade is okay)


Program details: http://bit.ly/36gCS7R 


The more transactions, the bigger the prize. Virtual Money Blog brothers boldly register to participate in making banh chung 😀 


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