What is Industry 4.0? How is blockchain in this 4.0 revolution?


Over the past few days, we have heard a lot about the so-called question What is Industry 4.0, Blockchain What the hell is that? And this phrase has also been repeated a lot on the mass media. Promising a wave of macro-level investment and reforms in order to make Vietnam develop faster… It is easy to say, but to understand, many people will not understand. So, Blogtienao will help you learn about this concept and learn more Blockchain what is involved in what position this revolution.

What Is Industry Concept 4.0

Industry 4.0 (4th industrial revolution) is an industry in which people program applications to connect systems, intelligent production machines, etc. to create convergence. between industry, business, manufacturing, and internal management processes. Loosely speaking, it is a thinking machine that operates by itself to create the material benefits of each field in society.

This year, we hear a lot about 4.0, so what were the years ago, what was 1.0, ... Perhaps I will briefly introduce for you to easily imagine. The first industrial revolution (1.0) was the use of water and steam energy to mechanize production. The second revolution took place more advanced when it was produced electricity and applied electricity to mass production. The 2rd revolution is the great development of electronics and information technology and thus automating production. Therefore, the 3th Industrial Revolution is the result of the advancement of the third time when it combines technologies together to automate, bringing the highest efficiency to serve all field in social life.

So what is the core element of Industry 4.0? That is : Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Internet of Thing (IoT). Without one of the three, there will be no Industry 4.0. Currently, industrialization is taking place in most developed countries such as America, Europe, and some countries in Asia, they focus on development to make leaps in agriculture, fisheries, medicine, environment, energy, chemistry, materials, ...

Let's find out one by one!

Internet of Thing - Internet of Thing (IoT)

Why is universal connectivity one of the indispensable ones? In the old days, in order to manage production, people used to operate machines manually, so the performance and accuracy were not as optimal as possible, like the production of an egg. how many manual processes, separate machines operated by people, So one technology will need to help connect all the technology devices together, here, the devices will attach wherever needed in the process of producing chicken eggs, will make the process easier, faster, and extremely high accuracy. As the IoT information created becomes an input for other devices, this technology will come to help and gradually replace people in the process of operating machinery, pushing automation to a new level.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data

These two issues are related to why, not only does information create, artificial intelligence is gradually replacing people in making decisions with the ability to handle huge quantities of information, working incessantly. rest, automatic, no biased emotion, and almost very little mercy. Currently, there is a lot of big data if processed by the old way, by the human team, the processing is very slow, low efficiency, and leads to mistakes. For example: Millions of newsletters, provocative videos, policy violations on facebook and google are posted every day, and this is also the top headache issue of these two corporations. It takes a lot of time, so the combination of Artificial Intelligence in processing big data is absolutely necessary.

The power of artificial intelligence depends on the following factors:

  • Huge amount of information in fields (called Big Data)
  • The connection of the computer network (many computers connected to process, imagine the neurons in the human brain connected to handle the problem)

The limitation of AI is currently in the development stage, AI is still less intelligent, and has to work like smart diligence through large processing of data. Therefore, the connection, storage and organization of information is also very necessary (basically, the related data will be connected, stored and when AI needs to access, there is information ...)

So, Blockchain What role does it play in Industry 4.0? If anyone does not know about blockchain, please read this article on blogtienao (see also: What is blockchain?). The three factors mentioned above, require a lot of time to complete, as well as need many shortcomings that need upgrading, thus leading to the advent of Blockchain. Blockchain will be a piece for the above patchwork because:

  • The data will be completely transparent and difficult to modify (there are still cases modified, you can read the 51% attack ...). For example, election vote, that data, when applied by blockchain, cannot be modified, and people can clearly check whose vote is from whom ... And no body can modify it. is aimed at avoiding election fraud. And this information will be data for AI to operate, humans can check hands, but AI only needs 1 note to finish.
  • The birth of smart contracts. An example of a smart contract application is a combination of distributed computing with AI. With your bills like electricity and water bills, there's no need for staff to come to your home to check your utility and then pay to each payer. In the garden of a smart home, you use a regional sensor to predict the weather and you have to pay for that weather service, when you can't do it manually, it takes a lot of time. labor effort when there are hundreds of thousands of small transactions that day. And with a smart contract, when the payment information is received, that information will be posted on the blockchain, and transparently, cannot be modified. And when the watering command is activated, it will make your operations faster and easier.
  • The beauty of Blockchain is that it can work 24/24, no one can demolish it (say it is still possible but extremely low). For example, the bitcoin system, if it wants to collapse, millions of computers must simultaneously collapse (shut down) before bitcoin falls. Anyone who has seen the network movie will probably understand this.


There will be a time when Industry 4.0 is successful, where machines will operate to replace people in many fields, IoT records human activities, AI learns to think like humans. (sounds like a few movies have ever premiered) But it's true, society will grow, and we will have to adapt more to this new technology, not to be left behind. . Through the article, Blogtienao introduced you basically what Industry 4.0 is, what it was before, what were the important factors in the revolution, and what role does blockchain play in this revolution. . To catch up with the trend, we must constantly learn, try to improve. I wish you success, if you have any comments or suggestions please comment below. The next article probably Blogtienao will delve into the definition of what Big Data is, What is Artificial Intelligence, What is the IoT Connection, and more specific, clear examples. !

Author: Tuan Pham


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