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What is T-Rex OTC? Airdrop 200.000 USDT for new users

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T-Rex leaves Cryptocurrency exchange with strengths from advanced technology, high liquidity and always prioritizes community support. On the occasion of the launch of the OTC trading floor, T-Rex will airdrop 200.000 USDT for new users.

T-Rex dinosaur with ambition to lead

Established in May 5.2018 in Singapore, after a year of research and development, T-Rex has obtained a license to operate a cryptocurrency exchange in Estonia and officially opened its doors. OTC exchange T-Rex serve the community cryptocurrency.

Knowing that it is a "latecomer" in the cryptocurrency market, T-Rex has tried to explore and launch with bright spots in technology, liquidity, security and customer support team.

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Currently, T-Rex owns technology platform and infrastructure architecture used in some of the world's top 10 exchanges. Along with that, the T-Rex exchange is applying a secure operating system and process.

Importantly, T-Rex has established relationships with major partners in the world, and built a team of Market Makers who are trained to deploy operations to increase liquidity and trading volume for the entire system. . Thanks to that, T-Rex ensures a daily liquidity of up to 1,2 million USD.

Above all, while the attacks that have taken place with Coincheck, Zaif, and Cryptopia are being shared continuously, then security It will still be a problem that exchanges always have to find a new way to solve. Therefore, on the T-Rex platform, 80% of customer assets are stored in cold wallets, managed by the highest authorities in the system. In addition, the exchange also applies multi-signature security to all digital asset transfers, withdrawals, and internal fraud prevention.

When investors know how to "split eggs into many baskets", not focusing on a single exchange, the exchanges must strive to bring users the best service. This is the reason why T-Rex focuses on building 24/7 support team works on many forms such as live chat, email.

In particular, with the spirit of attaching importance to development, elevating the community and considering it as its social responsibility, T-Rex with the initiative T-Rex Academy will provides useful knowledge for new users as well as experienced traders who are looking to generate higher profits. As for Blockchain startup projects, the T-Rex Blockchain Incubator startup support fund will be a launching pad and a place to give wings to your dreams.

Early Bird Program: Airdrop 200.000 USDT

To celebrate the launch of the OTC exchange, the dinosaur T-Rex is launching the “Early Bird” program, especially for new users.

Accordingly, the event will take place from 08:00 on April 15, 04 to 2019:08 on May 00, 14 (Vietnam time) with two main contents as follows:

Register T-Rex account, receive USDT

After registering and completing identity verification (KYC), users will quickly receive 5 USDT in T-Rex account.

Here are the instructions for registering an account on T-Rex:

Step 1: Please visit the official website of the exchange: https://www.t-ex.exchange/ and click select Sign Up to register for a new account.

Step 2: Please enter the email address required. Then, you check your inbox (including your mail's ad/spam folder) and enter the code sent from T-Rex.

Step 3: After completing step two, continue to fill in the required information and tick I have read and agreed to the User agreement.

Step 4: At this step, T-Rex will ask you to continue entering the code to confirm. Please continue to check your mail and enter the second code sent from the exchange.

Step 5: Sign Up Success. Next, complete 3 simple KYC steps and get 5 USDT to your account.

Note: The program only applies from 08:00 day 15/04/2019 come 08:00 day 14/05/2019. The amount of USDT given out for free is limited. Therefore, be the fastest!

Trade T-Rex OTC, get USDT

After registering an account on T-Rex and making the first trade on T-Rex OTC, the user will receive 5 USDT.


  • Payout time: Tuesday and Saturday every week.
  • Program rules are subject to change without notice to best support users.
  • The program only applies to people with Vietnamese nationality, living in the territory of Vietnam. (This program only applies to Vietnamese users. Thanks for other guys if you care about this program.)

It is known that, in addition to the above two events, T-Rex will also introduce many other attractive new programs; especially for Vietnamese users.

Readers can follow the page News by T-Rex here [https://news.t-rex.exchange] for the fastest updates on side events.

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