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BTA would like to quote the full text of the article:

My name is Nam, born in 1981, in a remote district in Vung Tau (near Casino Ho Tram, Ho Coc, Binh Chau). Brothers and sisters have the opportunity to travel nearby, if convenient, howl at me, arrange a reception.

I would like to share my virtual money playing journey from 2017 to now. I intend to write a lot, very long, but I cannot express it all as expected, so if you have the opportunity to exchange, I will say more.

Here I summarize in a condensed way, the language is riceized and easiest to understand for everyone to understand. Hope through that, you also have something to conclude for yourself.

1. Playing virtual money is a profession

To begin with, I would say, my opinion on making money in this market, it's like a JOB. That is, it is like many other professions where money can be made. But from the very beginning, I determined that when entering a new PROFESSIONAL, I will not completely give up my old JOB to pass this new job. Which I will teleport, step over Slowly.

This will help me to always have a defense behind, if the new SKILL fails, it doesn't work. Plus, I didn't spend too much time on it, but kept in balance with the outside life. For example, 1 hours a day, I only spend about 24-1 hours for these job-related jobs, and 2-3 hours peak. For research and entry into the command.

2. Occupational Potential & Risks

And for this profession, though I define it as a POTENTIAL in terms of income, technology, stability and long-term compared to many other occupations. BUT, certainly not the commission path.

The simplest and easiest to understand, everyone knows the game Tien Len, right? And is it that when the sibling moves forward, there will be 1,2,3,4. It is impossible for 4 people to finish first, or 4 of them to go home together. Is that right? In addition, have you seen someone playing cards, which were all first place, never went home? No, no, absolutely.

Many other subjects, also other careers

And in this crypto market too. I have not seen it, but I am also sure that no one is a winner, full profit without loss. So, I have determined the first thing that there is still a profit-loss probability in this JOB. And I will have the right strategies.

3. Position in the game

When entering this market, I find out what angle to play with the safest capital, the most profit, the most stable if at least. And I found 4 playing positions as follows: Miners are people mining coin, exchange owner, project investor and trader. The rest may be more, but I see also somewhere in the 4 above positions. And no matter what position, also must have knowledge in that position to make money.

Like when doing business outside, when you want to get the best and most stable price, the higher the dealer, the better. Or you are a motorbike mechanic, you must know how to repair a car, you must be skilled to repair it and make money. I have never seen anyone who does not know how to fix a car and has ever opened a car repair shop, let alone make money.

And I chose the game that best suited me for a start as a miner. Why? Because of my capital it will be preserved in the form of a device, if it fails in the amount of coins I mine, the price or whatever, I still have the other device to liquidate (of course not 100% complete is equal to the original).

4. Capital management

Starting point, my capital is not much. There are occasions, will tell you more about my beginning and my situation in 2017. I define from the beginning in this market that: fight gradually, do not rush, make money, safe capital possible. And I was on the right track.

In 2017, then Bitcoin is leaping to about 40 million dong, I am collecting and assembling 1 mining equipment, and I choose the type of assembly, which can mine a lot of coins, not Miner specialized equipment. Because I also anticipate, if it is possible to mine another coin, it's still better to change the mining coin.

And, I still do my work every day, still go to work outside, still spend time with my family, and the digging machine (or fun called buffalo plows, buffalo diggers) I keep running day and night.

And in my mind, I kept thinking, whatever we do we can do, we can dig out any coin or that coin. And I kept accumulating that amount of mining coins. By the end of 2017, you are sure that everyone will see what happens. The entire crypto market resurfaced. It circulates all over the world of MMO (making money online). I started to put in a little more time, and TURNED ON.

5. Catch the trend

Catching the trend, here from my experience point of view, it is while doing my work, suddenly something powerful flashes by, emerges. And at those times, you have to grasp it right away.

Back in 2017, at that time, the main trend was packet profit such as Bitconnect and ICO. But I don't follow the position of an ICO buyer, I follow the position as I originally chose as a miner. I was looking for coins that could be staking at that time. And I see bitcoinnect as staking. So I bought it on the floor, took it to my wallet and staked it.

Here I also share my opinion on playing a coin, like bitcoinnect for example. I will not participate in its internal web registration to obtain it, but I will buy from any exchange that sells it. And what's more, when I store it in my personal wallet, on my own computer it's a lot safer somewhere on the floor.

Some time later, on the list of coins I mined and the amount of bitcoinnect I staking, the price went up. I noticed that the bitconnect pattern was at risk of rupture so I switched to bitcoin 4 btc, and the coin I mined was via 2btc. Total is 6btc.

At the peak of 20k price, my Blockchain wallet currently has a balance of 120k, looking very fond. And I decided, this 6btc is my take profit number, not to use it anymore.

At this point, I have 6btc in my wallet. I still leave the miner running, but not staking bitconnect anymore, but I look for other coins capable of staking without following the system model. And I'm still working, still spending time outside of life, while people are still getting caught up in ICOs.

By the time BTC fell to 15k. I took profit from 6BTC's wallet, bought a house, bought an old 1-seat car, a scooter for my wife, paid off my previous debt and put VND in my bank account. End the period of stay in Chinese motorbikes.

And I still follow the point of view, let the miners run as much or as much as possible, accumulate and sell them.

Then the market went down, BTC plunged 13k, then 6k, 4k, 3k8 ... I still didn't participate in any other form, so my capital was still intact.

6. Learning

Why do not I join the ICO trend, or the most simple is why I do not trade or trade anything. The simple thing is, I know I don't have enough knowledge, to be ready for that, I don't like to risk the MONTH, I like TO SAVE CAPITAL.

Who makes money, it is their PHUC. And it is no coincidence that they get that PHUC, maybe lucky, but the core, is the RESULT of a process of learning, knowledge. So I determined to have knowledge to join.

When the market goes down, I learn about fundamental analysis, charts, candles. Read about projects, validate information, learn about blockchain, about blockchain related programming ...

And from there I started making money, little by little, slowly, more definitely.

7. How do I make real money?

Through Trends challenge , and yield farming Recently, my starting capital for this market is about $ 10k, currently increased to 3 funds, 1 fund is $ 25k with coin / token, a project that I consider potential. I decided to hold it as a stake for 1-3 years long-term. OK).

Another $ 1k fund I spend for liquidity / yiled farming.

1 $ 10k fund I keep in USD to preserve capital and reserve. I prefer to set USDT over VND to reduce currency risk.

Excluding the real-life profit-taking, I bought a small plot of land.

That means from the original $ 10k, I made a profit as above. So how do I go from 10k to 70k-80k ???

(At the time of the launch of the group Close Friends, I made $ 30k)

Maybe I was lucky, jumped at the right time, when I decided to take $ 10k back to the market in March 3, I bought Eth at that time from 2020-136, bought more VET, FET, ICX, LINK .

Capture the TRENDS (Trend). It's like when I'm at the station, waiting for the train or the train to come, I have to get on the train immediately. And also must have basic knowledge, accumulated previously in the right place, in the right place. Otherwise, meet the trick project.

Capital allocation, I divided into 3 parts: contingency, for coin staking or yield farming interest and venture capital investment. The staking, yiled part when making a profit, I reinvest it into the application of the compound interest rate, though small, little but persistent.

Part of the adventure project, I don't buy fomo, don't buy when people are talking about it, I buy the lowest price possible, if I can't buy this coin, I buy another coin. I search the internet for new projects. And I buy it with the profit I make from mining, staking, liquidity.

Distinguish, identify the potential of the project. When I read about a project, how do I know if it is a promise, a lie or a real one? Must seek as much information as possible, not from the project owner, but must be multidimensional. Finally make your own decisions.

When buying project coins, I have a choice list, I prioritize the underlying coin, the application or solve the network problem, followed by the supply, the market cap, then the price. I buy coins worth $ 1 which will be more profitable than coins worth $ 1 (most). In addition, the coin I buy, the cheaper the initial value is, the lower the risk of splitting the assets. coin cost $ 100 dropped to $ 10 will be lighter than coin cost $ 1 drop to $ 1000.

Take profit !!!!! This is the most important step, after all. Every number on the screen will appeal to you if you don't take profit. It will make you tend to spend more and more capital, not withdraw money or take profit.

Brothers and sisters have the feeling that how much capital is not enough, any coin or project wants to buy !!!! When you buy $ 5000 and see someone buy 10k, you get carried away, feeling like you want to equal that number. And when taking profits too, brothers and sisters profit $ 20, but see other people profit 1000k, 5k impatient, want to be like them.

In addition, taking profits according to market sentiment and trend is the best. For example, when the coin is priced at $ 1 - to $ 2, the whole market sells to take profit, I should also take a part there, even though my target is still $ 1- $ 5. Leave a little bit if increased to increase interest.

Take profit is never wrong. One is the large amount of coin but the price is not as expected, the second is the expected price but the coin is not much, the third is the large quantity that the target as expected is great.

I may have less coins than my brothers and sisters here, but in return, I have existing dollar dollars, housing, vehicles, and daily clothing and clothing. 100 million = $ 5k to liquidity, yield farming, $ 50 - $ 100 a day for me, is about 1 million to 1 million a day, is big enough for me.

And often we always expect the highest possible returns. But no, I see that my target example is $ 10, but $ 7 I fix, I will give the remaining $ 3 to the market, to others to enjoy, I can't eat it all.

As for the project coin, if you see it for sure, the potential, after taking profits, I leave a little bit as shares, stocks. A traditional company outside, 1 year net profit 1% -10% can be called a success.

In a nutshell my gameplay is:

Determine your play style, focus on your goals. The ultimate goal is profit, pegging to USD as much as possible. Choose your playing position: mining or investor, or trader or project owner.

I choose to start with mining / staking / liquidity that generates interest.

Take interest to buy project coin.

If the project coin is profitable, one part will be taken to profit, the other part will continue to add to another project coin investment fund.

The project will continue to fail, I will lose money. But there are still profitable projects. Take profit 1 part, 1 part plus project investment fund.

Just like that, my original capital in the staking, liquidity part is not lost, only with little or much interest.

Investing in the coin project, there will be coin profit, coin loss, but I buy at the lowest price, the best deal should significantly reduce the damage, people divide 3 / divide 4, I usually break even or at most divide 2.

And the coins I choose, if possible, I will staking or liquidity somewhere while waiting for the price to reach the target as expected.

During the project investment process, always following the coin trend I will follow, I like defi, decentralized projects. And do not be distracted and distracted when there is a massively new project, a new trend is born.

If you follow, also select, count on your fingers, not hug a bunch of coins. Always clean up the short-term and long-term profit-taking categories if you hit the target. No regrets when closing but it increases.

And for the management of the asset portfolio, I prefer to keep it on my own wallet mainly, for example, trust wallet, tokenpocket. As I see, although the fees are a bit expensive (especially erc20) but the liquidity is very good, suitable for my play style, not a trader.

In the process of pursuing such a game, try to constantly learn and follow the news on twitter, medium and foreign community groups to grasp the trend, closest to the shark, closest to the famous person.

Because you pay attention, after 3 years, the biggest winner is still the shark, or the floor owner, the project owner. Dying like straw is the last player, playing without knowledge is even worse.

I also have a few acquaintances, their blockchain wallet since 2017 has 5btc, up to now nearly a hundred btc is normal. I respect them so much, it's not easy to get that number. The majority of losers and failures are due to capital raising projects, buying and selling without knowledge.

Up to now, for me still the way I have chosen. And I still only spend 2-4 hours on this market every day, the rest I still have my own business. And I feel satisfied.

Everything that is happening is temporary, nothing is absolute. So I still console myself to try to do the best I can. And still learning, learning new things in the market every day. The rest is due to the extent of Heaven, I only enjoy it.

We wish you all the best health and happiness with your loved ones' families, good luck on your chosen path. Thank you admin Hen Vai for creating a group, which helps people get closer to the sharks, the creators of this market, for newer strategies, bigger goals.

Source of article: Group BTA CLOSE FRIENDs (currently the group is not open to new people, hope everyone sympathizes, ad Hen will announce later)

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