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Metaverse real estate sales to grow above $5 billion by 2026

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As the metaverse grows, the number of individuals interested in being part of the ecosystem grows.

A new study predicts that the value of Metaverse real estate market will continue to increase with exponential speed, research do Technavio The implementation was announced in the press release dated 22/7. 

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The market research firm predicts that the value of virtual real estate in the metaverse is expected to up 5,37 billion USD in 2026.

This growth is expected to be driven by two factors. First, the metaverse will gradually transition to a more realistic experience. 

Second, is the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, which will make this form of asset more accessible and easier to buy, giving owners the opportunity to receive income from giving. rent or sell property.

Despite its many upsides, the virtual real estate market is not without its challenges. Because it is so different from the real estate market in the world, this is still a nascent industry still trying to find their place. 

Each virtual land will have its own price, this price will be determined according to many different criteria. Base on the research:

“Virtual land prices do not follow the pricing model of the physical world. Therefore, the value of digital assets, including diversified real estate, will fundamentally depend on how buyers perceive their price, which in turn leads to volatility. "

Interestingly, in May 5, Metaverse fans are paying $300.000 for a virtual property instead of buying a real house.

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