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Strictly deal with card transactions related to electronic money


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Strictly deal with card transactions related to electronic money

The State Bank of Vietnam requires related units to strengthen prevention, combat and prevention of law violations in card operations, especially transactions related to gambling, gambling, electronic money ...

The State Bank of Vietnam has recently issued Directive 02 / CT-NHNN on strengthening prevention, fighting, and prevention of violations of the law in banking card operations.

In particular, in order to limit risks and prevent law violations in card operations, the State Bank requires affiliates, card issuers, card payment providers, and payment intermediary providers. and Representative Offices of international card organizations must take measures to prevent, combat and prevent violations of laws in this activity.

Specifically, with the subordinate units, the State Bank of Vietnam is required to complete the legal framework on card operations and have sanctions to handle violations of law in this activity. At the same time, the units need to review and capture information about the card operation, thereby building plans for inspection and handling of law violations according to their competence.

The affiliates of the State Bank must coordinate with the relevant authorities to prevent and combat crime and illegal acts in banking card operations.

For card issuers and card payment organizations, the Governor of the State Bank required to review the entire process and procedures for dossiers and contracts for opening and using payment accounts and bank cards to ensure the correctness of the law. the law.

These organizations must check the scope of using cards in contracts, limits and exchange rates in transactions to ensure compliance with law.

At the same time, coordinate with providers of intermediary payment services to check card transactions arising at merchants to prevent illegal transactions such as using credit cards to transfer money, credit the account. payments, debit cards; short payment for the purpose of cash withdrawal.

In particular, it is necessary to prevent card transactions that are not in compliance with the provisions of law related to prize-winning games, gambling, gambling, foreign exchange, securities, electronic money ...

In case of detecting that payment intermediary organizations, merchants that use cards in contravention of regulations must terminate their cooperation and take appropriate handling measures.

The regulator also requires card issuers and payment organizations to coordinate to detect suspicious transactions, warn customers, payment intermediaries, and merchants. Do not use or create conditions for other entities to abuse for purposes of violating the law, such as leasing, borrowing payment accounts, buying, selling, renting, leasing cards or card information, opening cards ...

For providers of intermediary payment services, the State Bank requires to operate in accordance with the granted license, prohibit the use of, and abuse of intermediary payment services to support the implementation of the use behavior. Bank card is not in accordance with the law.

With the representative offices of international card organizations, the State Bank requires ensuring the cooperation with card issuers and payment and card payment organizations in Vietnam in providing services to customers.

These organizations are required to share information and warnings to relevant organizations with a list of high-risk merchants, organizations involved in gambling, and gambling. , gamble; trading foreign exchange, securities, virtual money, electronic money ...

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