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Services quotation of Blogtienao

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Introduction (BTA) is a leading crypto media site in Vietnam with nearly 200k page viewers per day. Established in 2017, we are now the biggest and most influential media in the Vietnamese Blockchain industry. We believe that we could contribute to your project as a media partner and help in attracting community attention. We are responsible for over 100,000 enthusiastic crypto traders and lovers and taking a results-driven strategy, with the objective of increasing public knowledge and acceptance of your idea.

Please have a look on we achieved since then (from 04/2017 – 02/2022):

Website here
Fanpage ~ 135.600
Telegram BTA News 14.000
Youtube 8.4200
Twitter 17.200
Facebook Group 82.800
Telegram BTA Trade Coin 31.000


  • Press Release
  • Banner
  • AMA and Livestream
  • Videos
  • Events Organization
  • Design 

Price Of Banners

As you may know, Banner is the most common, easy and approachable way to make your brand visible on a website. Banners in BTA website are available in different positions which are at the top of the main page, newsfeed and articles pages. Simple but effective banner is the best way to impress your brand and drive your target audiences to your website.

No.PositionSizePrice / 1 WeekPrice / 2 weeksPrice / MonthDEMO
1Top Header Homepage (HOT)728x90 and 640x200$1300$2100$3700Check here
21 Homepage728x90 and 300x250$700$1100$2000Check Here
3Sidebar300x250$1100$1800$3100Check here
4Top Articles Banner (HOT)728x90 and 300x250$1100$1800$3100Check Here
5Inline Articles Banner728x90 and 300x250$900$1500$2700Check Here
6Footer Articles Banner728x90 and 300x250$800$1300$2400Check Here
7Price Page728x90$600$1000$1800Check Here
8POPUP BANNER (HOT)640x640$1900$3300$5000Check Here

Notice: In terms of Popup Banners, users will see your popup 3 times every month (Our system tracking by cookies). And Your Banner will show to 500k – 1m users every month.

Price of Articles

A Press Release is a great method to tell the audiences about your success. This type of article, written by you, allows your potential customers to get the overview of your company and impart all the information that you want to send them.

NameReview ArticlesPR1PR2
Nội dung (*)By BTABy ClientBy Client
Position on WebsitePR Category (Homepage)PR Category (Homepage)PR Category (Homepage)
Telegram ChannelYESDO NOTYES
Facebook FanpageYESDO NOTYES
Pin top 3 on websitePlus $100/dayPlus $100/dayPlus $100/day

Social Posts, AMA and LIVESTREAM

Name (Post)QuantityPriceDescription
Facebook Group1$300
Telegram BTA News1$300
AMA Telegram Group1$650
AMA LIVE1$1600Fanpage & Youtube
Telegram Trade1$1000
Video1$800Fanpage & Youtube

*Note: Video provided by customer


Only $ 500 for the post of 3 hottest channels of BTA, which includes:

Telegram BTA news, Facebook Fanpage, Facebook group


Don't miss the chance to get out HOT PR Package:

You can save up to 20% for the bulk of 10 Press Release Articles at for only 9,600 $.

  • Time for using 1 year. Example, you can publish 1 PR every month.
  • Your articles will be published on, our fanpage and telegram channels.

Most of our traditional partners have maximized their benefits with this package: Binance, Huobi, Remitano,, Ethereum Classic, Atoken,…


Making Infographics 

Do you want the community to easily access the story of your project? Whether it's a project overview, top daily gainers, a comparison, etc. We'll make sure you send an impactful message out there with a single image that captures everyone's attention.

The price for this service is only 7$00


If you don't know how a banner can get Vietnamese people's attention we can help you. As one of the leading crypto community operators in Vietnam, we understand the tastes of the community well and can help you design a great banner.

  • Image (Png, Jpg): 450$
  • GIF: 620$


Please note that we do not accept MLM, HYIP!


We accept cryptocurrency payments including BTC, ETH, USDT (ERC20) and USDT (TRC20).

  • BTC: 1ErDnpuzocP1PrXAc2uzQ2jWcb8uEdMFSS
  • ETH: 0xd0cede07d00fb514e64d06b7463961de51dca3db
  • ETH (ERC20): 0xd0cede07d00fb514e64d06b7463961de51dca3db
  • BUSD (BEP20): 0xd0cede07d00fb514e64d06b7463961de51dca3db


Do not hesitate to contact us through the email or Facebook below and please let us know if you have any further questions

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Virtual Currency Blog
Hi, I'm Hen Vai, Founder of Blogtienao (BTA), I'm very passionate about community, that's why blogtienao was born in 2017, hope the knowledge on BTA will help you.
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