Mexican billionaire: 'Stay away from paper money, buy Bitcoin'

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Mexican billionaire: 'Stay away from paper money, buy Bitcoin'

Mexico's third richest billionaire advises people: "Don't be jealous, believe in yourself and buy Bitcoin".

Recently in a video over 2 minutes on Twitter, Mexico's third richest man, Ricardo Salinas Pliego, sent a message to his 957.200 followers to get cash and buy Bitcoin.

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“Stay away from fiat money. Whether it's Dollars, Euros or Yen - it's all the same. It's fake paper money lies. Central banks are producing more than ever,” he said.

The Mexican billionaire then pointed directly at the camera and said, “Invest in Bitcoin.”

No wonder Ricardo Salinas Pliego tells people to invest in Bitcoin. Because he is considered the most famous Bitcoin evangelist in Mexico since 2013.

Right on his personal Twitter page, Ricardo Salinas Pliego wrote a line describing himself as "Mexican businessman and Bitcoin Holder".

ricardo salinas pliego

In a previous interview, he said that he started buying Bitcoin in 2013 through Grayscale's Bitcoin investment fund and asserted that "Bitcoin is the best investment ever" in his life. .

In interviews, he frequently mentions Bitcoin, advising people to buy it as soon as possible.

Recently, he also proposed transferring money in Bitcoin to Mexico:

“This could be a potential $40 billion market for Mexicans sending cross-border payments to the United States.”

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