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Traditional businesses and Blockchain meet at The NFTs event organized by Aura Network

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On July 22 and July 07, Aura Network organized The NFTs series of events to create opportunities for face-to-face exchanges between Blockchain, Web25 and traditional businesses.

“The NFTs” is a series of events organized by Aura Network, supported by Pencil Group. The series of events includes 02 main activities, including "The NFTs Talk" on July 22 and "The NFTs Night" on July 07.

Discussion “The NFTs Talk” July 22 

The event “The NFTs Talk” focuses on discussing the development trend of NFTs and their multi-disciplinary applications in the future. The discussion featured speakers from prominent Blockchain and Crypto projects such as Binance, Coin98 Finance and Impossible Finance. In addition, there were representatives from FPT, Ahamove, Pencil Group and especially Unifiedpost - one of the few successful Unicorn Fintechs in the world. 

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“The NFTs Talk” was broadcast live on the channel Youtube of Aura Network. The discussion revolved around two main topics. The topic of part 02 is “Redefine the Metaverse”, which provides multi-dimensional interpretations of the Virtual World (Metaverse) and NFTs. "We are still in the early stages of the Metaverse. In the future, the market will see new unicorns in this area.” – Ms. Lynn Hoang, SEA Director of Binance shared. Mr. Thanh Le, Founder of Coin98 Finance said: “This is a very interesting topic, Blockchain takes advantage of VR, AR technology. We still have plenty of time until Metaverse, NFT is widely adopted.”

This was followed by a discussion of traditional businesses on the application of NFTs in various fields, with the theme "Enter the NFT world" for traditional businesses. “One of the key goals of Aura Network is to provide a platform for traditional businesses to enter the NFTs market more easily. NFTs are a new way for business models that can drive sales, from offline to online. In the future, maybe we will do everything online. So NFTs can be developed with a lot of different utilities.” – Mr. Giang Tran, Founder and CEO of Aura Network.

Dinner party “The NFTs Night” on July 25th

Following the discussion "The NFTs Talk", the dinner party "The NFTs Night" took place on July 25 at GEM Center, District 07, Ho Chi Minh to officially mark the launch of Aura Network. The event welcomes 1 special guests, including partners, strategic advisors and the community of the project. In which, coming from the Blockchain field, there are representatives from Binance, Impossible Finance, Coin100 Finance, Kyros Ventures, K98 Ventures, Blogtienao, Goctienao, Tienthuattoan etc.

aura network
Mr. Giang Tran, Founder, CEO of Aura Network introduced the project.
aura network
The founding representative presses the button to activate the official launch event of Aura Network.
aura network
Representatives of Aura Network and 03 advisors: Mr. Calvin Chu, Core builder Impossible Finance, Mr. Thanh Le, Founder of Coin98 Finance and Mr. Vinh Nguyen, Co-founder, CEO of Coin98 Finance answered questions from guests about the project.
aura network
Mr. Thuat Nguyen, CEO of Kyros Ventures and Ms. Lynn Hoang, SEA Director of Binance (from left to right respectively) took a commemorative photo with guests.
aura network
Mr. Calvin Chu, Core builder Impossible Finance discussed with Ms. Lynn Hoang, SEA Director of Binance.

With the belief that NFTs are not only a fad, but also one of the indispensable pieces in the Blockchain ecosystem, the Aura Network blockchain platform develops a comprehensive ecosystem to promote NFTs application. globally – towards the ambition of building the Internet of NFTs.

In particular, one of Aura's important goals is to provide infrastructure for traditional businesses to easily enter the NFTs market, minimizing technology and platform barriers. . 

One of the first NFTs utilities developed and put into use by the Aura Network is Artaverse, a platform that collects NFTs of artists' performance moments. The artist's sublime moments will be recorded by specialized cameras, then turned into NFTs and released on Artaverse. Recently, Aura Network also launched a collection of NFTs performed by guest singers in the show In The Mirror – “Magic Mirror”.

Recently, Aura Network launched their last test network, named Euphoria, after successfully launching 02 previous Serenity and Halo test networks. This is a stepping stone to prepare for the jump to officially launch the official product (mainnet) this September. 

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