Fantasy card game Calvaria – you can get 10 times your capital back

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Skulls is a brand new fantasy card game in which players can fight each other, and bet against each other in PVP games using RIA tokens (unit: dollars), tokens This announcement has now begun pre-sale.

Rise of the P2E (Play to Earn) game genre

The growth of play for money is one of the most explosive growth aspects in the entire industry electronic money, This is clearly shown before that P2E projects like Axie Infinity and Sandbox have achieved impressive ROI (ROI - Return On Investment - is the rate of return or the ratio between net profit and investment cost). ) in the “bull market” (bull market or “bull market” describes a bull market state in which stock prices are continuously rising.)

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During the recent "bear market" (bear market or "bear market" describes a declining market state in which stock prices are continuously falling), many investors from all over the world, especially is in the Philippines, got his reward investing in P2E games like Axie Infinity and earning hundreds of times the original capital.

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Decentralized autonomous organization (DAO)

Decentralized autonomous organizations have become more popular in recent years, mainly because they have ensured that projects can be run in a more decentralized way with fewer failures.

Not only that, but decentralized autonomous organizations can also harness the collective intelligence of the "hive mind" of the investors who have invested in them, which allows them to operate. operate much more efficiently than competitors.

This is one of the core tenets of ecology Skulls in the process of decentralization and efforts to attract more people willing to participate, and the Calvaria DAOs will develop the project management and improvement system, opening the door for anyone to contribute. and ecosystem guide for game players.

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Mobile games

To be able to test and get as many people into the Calvaria ecosystem as possible, The project team is looking to ensure that the onboarding process for users is as quick and straightforward as possible.

To do this, the team is developing a mobile app in addition to the desktop app, aiming to compete in the mobile gaming industry.

Calvaria Fantasy Game On Pre-Sale – $1,6 Million Raised

The Calvaria presale is currently underway, with $1,6 million already raised to fund future development of the project.

The pre-sale is being conducted in phases, which means that the price will gradually increase over time throughout the pre-sale.

Those wishing to participate in the presale can visit Calvaria's website, where they can purchase RIA tokens. They can pay directly in cryptocurrencies or in fiat using the partners Calvaria is working with.

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