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Japan's 'giant' game industry joins the NFT market

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Japan's 'giant' game industry joins the NFT market

Konami, one of Japan's largest game publishers, has just announced that it will be releasing its own NFT to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the popular video game franchise Castlevania.

*Castlevania is a horror game series, it was released in Japan in 1986 and North America in 1987*

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According to TheBlock, Konami will be launching an NFT collection of Castlevania, which will include memorabilia like the song "Vampire Killer", game scenes and pixel art drawn specifically for the collection.

All will be represented as NFT and will be auctioned from January 12 to.

The auction will take place in the UK and Japan. To participate in the Castlevania NFT auction, users must have ETH in their wallet and be of legal age in their country.

Konami isn't the only name in the gaming industry getting involved in the NFT. Recently, two game giants, Square Enix and Ubisoft, have announced they will expand into the NFT market.

For example, last December, Ubisoft made a surprise when it said that it would jump into the NFT game by including an NFT token called Quartz in the games it publishes.

“We created the first NFT in an AAA game. The first game we used NFT in was Ghost Recon Breakpoint,” Ubisoft said.

Character's equipment such as weapons, armor, vehicles... will all be displayed as NFTs in limited quantities to resell to gamers in need.

Despite being accused of "sucking blood" from players, it seems that the "big boys" in the game industry are still very determined to join NFT and make the most of this market.

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