Criminals Laundered US$4 Billion Through DEX

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Satoshi Nakamoto's website was hacked, hackers organized a scam giveaway

According to a research report by blockchain analytics firm Elliptic, criminals have used decentralized exchanges (DEXs), cross-chain bridges, and swap services to launder illegal cryptocurrencies. over 4 billion US dollars.

DEX is where transactions take place directly between cryptocurrency traders; cross-chain bridge is a protocol that allows users to transfer assets between different independent blockchain networks, and coin swap refers to a tool for directly converting the exchange rate of a coin pair without have account.

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Approx 1,2 billion US dollars Cryptocurrencies stolen from DeFi or exchanges were exchanged using a DEX.

The report said 1,2 billion US dollars Other illicit assets were laundered through coin swapping services.

A cross-chain bridge called RenBridge washed over 540 million US dollars Illegal crypto assets.

In one report In June, the global anti-money laundering organization said it was paying attention to cross-chain bridges and was monitoring the risks posed by peer-to-peer transactions.

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