What is Huobi Prime? Huobi will conduct the first IEO "TOP NETWORK"


It is really too happy, the atmosphere of excitement and chaos has returned, from the time when BTC from the peak of the slope has not seen this atmosphere, both happy and worried, happy because there are signs of shore, lo because there will be a new generation about to suffer from a lack of knowledge.

Although IEO is one of the HOT trends in 2019, but Blogtienao will always accompany you, will analyze and list the advantages and disadvantages of each IEO, thereby helping you have a solid foundation knowledge before investing, avoiding peak swing.

Today Blogtienao will introduce you to Huobi Prime and is IEO The first was offered as well as detailed instructions from Huobi about this IEO on March 26, 03

What is Huobi Prime?

Huobi Prime launched on March 26, 03, is a product of Huobi Global, focusing on research, provides a better way to access cutting-edge crypto projects with high impact and growth potential - a design not only for whales, sharks but also for Ordinary retail traders.

Customer needs and user needs are at the forefront of all our activities at Huobi. Huobi Prime is very much like an extension of that, said Leon Li, founder and CEO of Huobi Group. Our bookmaker has designed it from scratch to become a more innovative, direct, and more responsive way to access and upcoming new tokens.

Backed by Huobi Token, Huobi Prime will keep our brand at the forefront of the ever-changing digital asset market, said Robin Zhu, COO of Huobi Group.

What makes Huobi Prime unique?

As a launch platform for COIN / TOKEN, Huobi Prime is a significant innovation. We call this the Premium Premium Delivery (DPO) platform. It offers users a number of key advantages, including:

  • IEO (Coin / Token) purchased through Huobi Prime is immediately deposited into the user account and can be traded on Huobi Global with Huobi Token (HT), our original token. No need to wait for the advance sale or similar delay.
  • Strict screening and selection processes to ensure only high-end projects are not listed on any major exchanges.
  • Access to prices lower than market prices.
  • For both large and small players. Huobi Prime will be open to individual users, not just experts or VIPs.
  • In order to minimize the periods of “sml” volatility when the market opens and to reduce the risk of adverse effects on investors, we have also added a price limit period.

How does Huobi Prime work?

IEO adoption Huobi Prime will involve three releases, each lasting 30 minutes. Prices will be limited but the limit will increase as time continues. For example, let's say Huobi Prime is listing a coin called Huobi Premium Token (HPET). HPET tokens can be provided with a 30% discount for the first round, a 20% discount for the second and a 10% discount for the third time.

IEO Coins purchased with Huobi Prime are deposited into your account with minimum latency, allowing you to trade with Huobi Token. And each Huobi account purchased IEO maximum $ 1000, if you want to buy more probably need more accounts.

TOP NETWORK - The first IEO from Huobi Prime

IEO Top Network, the first IEO from Huobi Prime
IEO Top Network, the first IEO from Huobi Prime

A quick introduction to Top Network

In order for people to not have to learn (experience writing IEO articles first), I have briefly explored to let you know more or less about this Top network. A successful Silicon Valley startup, Top Network now offers secure and low-cost data, calling, video, VPN, CDN and IoT services and is in the process of launching a blockchain. Public-based PBFT-DPoS is capable of processing a number of thousands of blockchain transactions per second. In addition to hosting TOP Network, popular messaging and communication services, the TOP Network team also has a long-term Vison for the chain that is building it into the main platform for dApps around the world.

There are some really strong contenders for Huobi Prime's inaugural launch, but Huobi was really impressed by TOP Network's ambitious business model, said Ross Zhang - Marketing Manager of Huobi Group, as well as the fact that this would be the first truly high-performance public chain with a pre-existing user base Millions of people

TOP Network will utilize its 60 million user base for the project. The project is led by CEO Steve Wei, a successful entrepreneur and founding employee at WebEx, and CMO Noah Wang, a Yale graduate with a deep background in investing and accounting. TOP Network has support from investors such as Fenbushi Capital and DHVC, and advisers such as Zoom Founder Eric Yuan, former FICO CEO Mark Greene and Kevin Hsu, founder of BlockVC.

There are many more things that you can find out for yourself. Find out more about the Top Network here: www.topnetwork.org

Prime: Listing rules

1) Huobi will provide blockchain assets which are not the leading securities worldwide and directly listed for HT trading pairs

2) Huobi will make price and distribution limit requirements for listing through the Huobi Prime community, within the project community, after which multiple entities from the community will join as people. token sale but not limited to early-stage project users and private investors.

3) To promote reasonable price detection and to avoid potential risks brought to users by serious fluctuations, we will introduce Price limit . There will be three price limits: Each round has 30 minutes and a price range (The highest transaction price). Users can trade within a predefined price range. In principle, The highest trading price will not be lower than the previous round;

4) Projects approved by Huobi Prime can be assisted from:

  • Huobi Global: List up HT trading pairs, USDT trading pairs, BTC / ETH trading pairs.
  • Huobi Korea: List of KRW trading pairs, HT trading pairs, USDT trading pairs, BTC / ETH trading pairs.
  • HBUS: After passing the compliance assessment, the list of USD trading pairs, USDT trading pairs, BTC / ETH trading pairs.


  • Token name: TOP NETWORK (TOP)
  • Total token supply: TOP
  • Limited to sell: 1.500.000.000 TOP (7,5% of token supply total)
  • Allocate main transactions within each price limit round: TOP 300.000.000, TOP 450.000.000 TOP, 750.000.000 TOP
  • Highest trading price limit for three rounds Price limit is: 1 TOP = $ 0,00177, $ 0,00213, $ 0,00255 (Price in HT will be announced on Prime trading day)
  • Main trading session starts: 2019/03/26 21:00 PM (GMT + 8)
  • Limited auction round 2019/03/26 21:00 PM to 2019/03/26 22:29:59 PM

There are three rounds: the first 20 minutes of each round are for the transaction, the next 10 minutes is for clearance

  1. First price limit round: 21: 00: 00 to 21: 29: 59 ;
  2. Second price limit round: 21: 30: 00 to 21: 59: 59
  3. Third price limit round: 22: 00: 00 to? 22: 29: 59
  • Transaction method: Transaction TOP / HT through market orders
  • Individual limit: 1000 USD per account
  • Conditions: Prime participation threshold is set to: Average daily holdings 500 HT for 30 days Before Prime Trading, consider the first Prime Transaction closer, the above threshold does not apply to TOP Network. The subsequent HT holding requirements may be subject to minor changes due to HT price fluctuations and will be disclosed in accordance with the project announcement.


In general, it's not that difficult, You just need to prepare the following:

  • One or more accounts Huobi, if you have not registered squid fishing tours
  • About 500 HT in the account (depending on the price of HT, converted into 1000 $ is)
  • Stable transmission. Do not download JAV while buying IEO!
  • If you have any more tips or tricks, I will guide you later.
  • Keep up to date with the best IEOs in the "Investment IEO - ICO - STO"

About the detailed instructions I updated later, because when I have not seen it, in the instructions from Huobi Global, the image is fat, blurry, 10/10 eyes look for JAV but can't see it. There are preliminary instructions like this

Preparation stage, 15-20 minutes before Prime Trading starts, open the Huobi Global website

  • Log in to your Huobi account 10 minutes in advance;
  • From less than 3 subscribers, visit Prime Trading page:
  • First, open the website, click on Huobi Prime Ad on the top of the page;
  • Second, click on Huobi Prime Ad in the banner;
  • Third, on the exchange page, click the position suggestion in the upper left corner;
  • Before the start of Prime trading, there will be a countdown timer
    Available for testing: project introduction, Prime rules and personal limits;
  • In the Huobi token retention Calendar users can access their own personal and HT holdings; When the minimum participation threshold has not been reached, users can register by purchasing additional HT. Click Buy Buy Online HT and enter HT transaction page.
    Eligibility: The Prime participation threshold is set to: hold an average of 500 HT daily for the 30 days prior to Prime Trading, considering the first Prime Transaction to be closer, the above threshold does not apply to TOP Network. The subsequent HT holding requirements may be subject to slight changes due to HT price fluctuations and will be disclosed in accordance with the project announcement. However, with this project, holding 500 HT is not necessary because of the close time.
  • After the countdown ended, Prime Trading officially began; Battle of War
  1. After clicking Buy TOP on the transaction page, the authentication will display, drag the slide to the right to verify, then can place an order and the system will match the order on a first-served basis. First come, first purchase !!!
  2. If the order is successfully executed, click Balance Balance, you will see the number of tokens collected.
  3. Within each Prime Transaction round, when 20 minutes or the total number of tokens available for the transaction is sold out, Prime Trading completes.
  4. After the end of the three rounds of Prime Trading, the token will be officially listed on the exchange and can be traded as usual.


  1. In the Price Limit rounds of the Round, only market orders are allowed, limit orders will be available after the Price Limit Price Ring ends.
  2. API orders are prohibited within the Price Limit rounds of the Limit.
  3. Personal limits will not recover if the user chooses to sell the token within the EDR Price Limit rounds.
  4. Investing in digital assets comes with a high risk, which can bear some or even total damage. Before investing, please fully understand all the risks when investing in digital assets and be cautious with your own investment decisions, all the information in this notice or any Other relevant information displayed on Huobi Global does not constitute investment advice, Huobi does not accept liability for any direct or indirect losses.
  5. If fraud is detected, Huobi reserves the right to cancel the flexibility of the party concerned to join Prime.
  6. Huobi Prime is only open to users from countries where digital asset trading is not prohibited.

Source translated from Huobi Global

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  1. Admin let me ask: if you just set up an account at Houbi today, for example, if you want to join this IEO you need to buy 500 HT (about more than 20 million) to go into your Huobi wallet. Because the phrase "average daily holding of 500 HT for 30 days before Prime Trading" is a bit difficult!? Then there is "About 500 HT in account (depending on the price of HT, converted into $ 1000 is)". Thanks!

    • Yes, according to its rule, you must hold 500 HT for 30 days to participate, however, with the first IEO, it will ignore that rule, depending on the notice of Huobi!


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