How to automatically mine bitcoin with the Eobot web on computers, CPUs, VPS


Guide how to mine bitcoins automatic, plow bitcoin online on the Eobot web with the latest efficient computers, CPU, VPS 2017. Making money online with bitcoin in Vietnam is no longer something new and difficult as before, there are many ways for you to earn bitcoins like playing games, clicking ads, watching videos or investing in staging. excavators virtual currency bitcoin professional but this way requires you to have a huge cost, with the new participants, spending 70-100 million to buy graphics card bitcoin mining crisis is most likely unable to invest.

So today Virtual money blog will show you how plowing bitcoin free on computer, cpu or vps without buying expensive video cards.

How to mine bitcoins with on computers, cpu, vps
How to mine bitcoins with on computers, cpu, vps is an extremely reputable site in the field bitcoin mining For newcomers, there is no investment in a massive mining machine and is also the easiest and fastest way to earn BTC today. This website has been operating for 13 years and has 650.000 people plowing bitcoin around the world, this site allows you to bitcoin mining free on computers, CPUs or vps without buying a highly configurable video card. So you can be assured Bitcoin mining with Eobot Okay, let's start the process now.

Steps to dig bitcoin with Eobot with cpu computer

Step 1: Sign up for an account on to plow bitcoin

- You access this link to proceed to register an account to participate Bitcoin mining online.

Sign up for an account to mine bitcoins
Sign up for an account to mine bitcoins

- Next you enter complete information in the required fields: First Name, Last Name, Your Email and Password, check “I agree to the…” and confirm the capcha (I don't right robot) then click on “Sign Up".

- Now the system of Eobot will send you an Email to confirm your registration information, enter your email and click on "Click here to confirm your email account”As shown below to complete registration

Confirm activation email
Confirm activation email

- After successful registration you access your account to download the software to your computer to get started earn bitcoins. Click Products => Pool info choose the appropriate software CPU of yours, if not want to dig on computer then you can read more part 2.

Download bitcoin mining software to your computer
Download bitcoin mining software to your computer

*Note: After downloading the software to the machine and still not installed, it may be because you do not have the NET Frameword v4.0.30319 software, you must install it before you install the software to be able to. You download the .NET Framework v4.0.30319 squid fishing tours ok

2. How to mine Bitcoin automatically from Eobot

If you want Earn a lot of bitcoins automatically, you must purchase the Cloud SHA-256 or Loud Scrypt cloud. These are 2 automatically exploited clouds that are community-based plowing bitcoin Common use, means you only need to buy it once and it will Automatically mine bitcoins for you even when you turn off your computer, the software will automatically work and generate your bitcoin forever without the need for software. To buy with bitcoin you earn yourself, you follow the instructions below: remember to product => faucet type captcha and receive free bitcoin or dogercoin daily to buy rattan.

Next Click "Buy using Cryptocurrency"

Buy Cloud SHA-256 to plow bitcoin fast

Finally Click "Buy Cloud SHA-256 4.0 5 Year Rental"

Buy Cloud SHA-256 to mine bitcoins automatically

As soon as you buy it automatically Bitcoin mining immediately, and the next day you log into your account will see the amount of money soared many times, its mining speed is extremely fast. Also if you do not want to wait when you have money in How to mine bitcoins for free you can buy Cloud SHA-256 by using your cash in your account bitcoin wallet paypal or Vietcombank, ACB bank Visa card (Note that if you do not have a visa card, you should do it right away to receive money later). With They usually buy with money on the card so they can exploit it quickly and buy it for money.

*Note: In process dig bitcoin with cpu, vps automatically with Eobot, you should regularly log in to Eobot even daily to buy SHA-256 or Cloud Scrypt cloud to get faster and faster mining speed, more money.

To buy Cloud SHA-256 with cash via paypal or visa card you do the following:

You click on "Buy Using Credit Card”To make purchases through online payment cards.

You keep doing this continuously for a while, making every day you plow how much bitcoins then invest continuously, after a period of several months you will own a huge cloud SHA-256 cloud and generate a lot of cash.

*Note: If you buy with a visa card, the account will be held for 180 days to be paid normally. Do not worry about this system only do so to ensure your safety only

3. So where does bitcoin come from to invest in Eobot plowing bitcoin

A lot of you have questions and sent questions to Virtual money blog that: How to earn free bitcoins? Where does investing in Eobot come from bitcoin? This installation is very easy, okay, you can earn bitcoins on free websites if you work hard, it requires you to be able to plow the night to earn bitcoins to invest in One day, you will surely earn a lot of money from Eobot only.

After you earn bitcoins from free sites, you need one Blockchain wallet to store those bitcoins, then you transfer your bitcoin money via eobot to invest. You follow the steps below:

- From page you click Deposit to get address to transfer bitcoin to start investing.

Transfer bitcoin to Eobot
Transfer bitcoin to Eobot

- You copy the line bitcoin wallet address on your eobot as shown below and save it somewhere.

Get your bitcoin address on Eobot
Get your bitcoin address on Eobot

*Note: This is how I created the bitcoin address on the eobot so it will appear the address line in the picture, if you do not already have it, the word "Generate", click on "Generate" and enter the required information as follows. then click "Save" and reload the page to see your bitcoin address appear.

- Next you visit blockchain wallet Store your bitcoin and click on Send as below picture

Send bitcoin from to Eobot

- When you click Submit will have an information box appear as shown below, you fill in information to (Fill bitcoin address Just now you took it on the eobot) and the bitcoins you want to transfer, you can add a description line bitcoin transactions this.

Send bitcoin from blockchain to
Send bitcoin from blockchain to

Ok, so you have transferred bitcoin from to, now you only need to wait about 10 minutes for the blockchain system to transfer bitcoin to eobot and proceed to buy SHA-246 or Clould Scrypt to make a profit. as in the previous step.

4. How to convert bitcoins to cash in VND or USD

Of course, after you earn a lot Bitcoin you need to sell it and convert it into cash in VND or usd for use. You can use bitcoin trading and trading sites like Please see the article “Instructions on how to convert Bitcoin to cash vnd”And follow the step by step guide to convert btc to vnd or usd.

Above guided you how to dig bitcoins, earn bitcoin, plow the latest bitcoin automatically 2017 with the website with computer cpu, vps automatically. If you are a person with a little experience, it can be done simply and easily, but for those who have just learned how to plow bitcoins you will need to watch and do it over and over a few times. If in real process earn bitcoins If you have any difficulties, please leave a comment in facebook Blogtienao will support you. Good luck

If you find these Bitcoin mining methods complicated, earn less satoshi and take time, you can refer to the form. Long-term Bitcoin investment. Currently, when Bitcoin prices rise a lot of investors already Bitcoin Board to make a profit and see it as a smart investment. You can see Top 5 reputable Bitcoin trading floors in Vietnam and this world to have yourself the best option when investing.

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