Instructions to create tickets that support error Deposit / Withdrawal types on Poloniex


Hi guys. Probably in the process play Poloniex floor Most of you have encountered the error of depositing / withdrawing money from your account, for experienced people, it is not a problem but for new ones, this is a problem. Today, I will guide you how to contact the support team of Polo floor to process Deposit / Withdraw order, specifically how to create a ticket requiring a Withdrawal order, and a Deposit order do the same.

Common errors when withdrawing / depositing on Poloniex platform

1. Error number 1 Awaiting Approval (you are human sell Ethereum): You understand this error when you send money from Polo to another wallet, your coin buyer has not received the money so you should not ask for money.

Instructions to create tickets that support error Deposit / Withdrawal types on Poloniex

2. Error number 2 Completed (you are an Ethereum seller): But the buyer has not received the money, Poloniex has not yet transferred the money, but it still creates a virtual TXID, but the status is "finish”. This error I see the most banana, you do not try to ask people to buy coins because they have not received money.

- How to check virtual TXID, not showing:

+ Virtual TXID example:

+ True TXID example:

Error 2 Completed (you are an Ethereum seller)

3. Error number 3 (you are the buyer ETH loaded into Poloniex): This error means that when you fund your Polo wallet, your balance is not updated. With this error, you should use the tool to check carefully, in case there are transactions that Poloniex has not updated the balance, you must contact Polo.

Above are the 3 most common errors when you Buy and sell coins on Poloniex, and mainly Deposit / Withdrawal errors. Below I will guide you how to create a ticket, follow up.

How to create a ticke and send it to Poloniex for assistance

Step 1: Register a support account on Poloniex

First you need to sign up for a support account in Poloniex platform at, please note this account is different from Poloniex account. The steps to register yourself will not be specific anymore, because it's quite simple, so do it yourself.

Sign up for a support account on Poloniex platform

Step 2: Create a ticket to request Poloniex to refund the error transaction fee

If your ticket is processed, it will be refunded to your account and want to resell you must create a new withdrawal order. After successfully registering a support account, go to the "Create a support ticket”In the top right corner.

Create a ticket and ask Poloniex to refund the error transaction

Next, you fill out the information Poloniex floor Requirements as shown above:

- Poloniex Username:

- Subject: Please check my Withdraw order

- Type: Withdrawal

- Have you received the withdrawal confirmation email?: YES

Create a ticket on Poloniex floor

Part "Is this an unauthorized withdrawal placed by a hacker?"Is your account hacked? Depending on which error to choose YES / NO.

- Error number 1 awaiting approval: select NO

Error No. 2 Completed: choose YES and attach virtual TXID.

Complete creating and sending a ticket to the polo

In section "Description"You copy the entire transaction details Withdraw or Withdraw error. Finally click "Gui”Is done.

Time and how to handle tickets of Poloniex floor

- About the processing time of your ticket Poloniex will work at least 1-3 days. The worst case will take up to 30 days cheating, on this point, Polo is not as good Bittrex floor.

- How Poloniex handles the ticket: If you follow the instructions above, ETH will be returned (refunded) back to your account. You should not ask the person who buys Coin to pay you when the transaction is incomplete because it is obvious that they have not received the coin.


Ok, got it Done. It is not difficult, right? Above is the article "Instructions to create tickets that support error Deposit / Withdrawal types on PoloniexQuite detailed for new players Polo floor I hope this article will help you solve the error problem while trading Deposit / Withdraw money on this exchange. If you have any questions, please leave a comment will support you or inbox through your fanpage

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  1. Help me!

    I pulled xrp from poloniex to cold wallet and binance floor 2 times and then it left the status pending approval, not transferred. When I first gave my feedback, it returned the coins back to my old wallet but now I cannot transfer to another wallet. So what is the problem?

  2. I was disqualified to create virtual TXID and complete command from polo floor. I created a ticket as instructed, but is there a faster way to push it, admin? hix. Thanks, admin

  3. Admin let me ask: I created the account and verified it, successfully sent the remi to the polo btc wallet but cannot buy coins for 2 days now, in the exchange section, it keeps LOADING CHART ... 2 days already, Can't do anything, maybe congestion for so long? Thanks admin

  4. Admin,
    On 10/01/2018, 4 days ago, I withdrew my Bitshares amount from Poloniex account but because I entered the wrong memo and address, the transaction was Compelte Error, did not generate Txnid and I was deducted all the money. I sent 7 withdrawals tickets to PoloSupport but I haven't seen them respond yet. What should I do now? Admin just help me.

  5. How to 5 days I also Complete: Error when converting 1 ETH. I sent 2 tickets and haven't seen it yet. How do I handle it next? thanks for the instructions. Thank you

  6. I act as a guide when registering for support on poloniex. it only has fullname and gmail in the singup, but when it logged in, did it catch passwords?

  7. I called the USDt for a loan, it was not allowed to enter the Poloneix space, which is less than 1000 USD, because the trading time is more than 2 years, the first payment is due, the loan is given to me, the account has been returned to the public, no more than 26 million VND, If you are a poloneix, then you are a king


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