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What is Wallet Sui? How to download and use Sui wallet?

Besides Aptos, Sui is an ecosystem that is receiving great attention from many people, currently the projects on the Sui ecosystem are still few and most of the projects on the ecosystem are still at the testnet stage.

To participate in the testnet experience of projects on the Sui ecosystem, the Sui wallet is an indispensable part.

With this article, BTA will provide everyone with some highlights about Sui wallet, how to download and use Sui in detail.

What is Wallet Sui?

Sui Wallet is a wallet developed specifically for the Sui ecosystem. With a friendly and easy-to-use interface, Sui wallet makes it easier for users to deposit, withdraw, transact... on the Sui network.

Sui wallet is still in the testnet stage and everyone can experience the products on Sui for a chance to receive Airdrop later.

How to download Sui wallet

Step 1: Brothers visit Link to download the wallet. Then choose Add to Chrome

Step 2: Choose Get Started

Step 3: Choose Create a New Wallet

Step 4: Setting Password

Step 5: Save Wallet passphrase and choose OpenSui Wallet


With this article, BTA has guided everyone how to create and use Sui wallet, now let's explore projects on Sui ecosystem for a chance to receive Airdrop from projects!


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