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How Metaverse Changed Our Working World

Although Metaverse is still vague and needs time to develop. However the industry soon became big business, with tech and gaming giants emerging with big ambitions like Meta (Facebook before), Microsoft, epic Games, Roblox and others all create virtual worlds or Metaverse their own. 

Metaverse based on a broad set of different technologies, including virtual reality platforms, games, blockchain, 3D graphics, digital currencies, VR-enabled sensors and headsets, etc.

So exactly Metaverse what? In a word, it's a 3D virtual world that focuses on social connection and interaction. Terms Metaverse dates back to old '90s sci-fi movies, but today the term can be used on a much broader scale and doesn't necessarily have to do with fiction. 

Maybe the new digital environment could be the future of work. Now, everyone can do their work completely digitally and connect with colleagues and customers without being physically present. Metaverse has provided new approaches to human freedom through digital economies.

What drove the Metaverse? 

An important thing made Metaverse outbreak in the past few years is the global Covid 19 pandemic. During the Covid 19 pandemic, people from all over the world suddenly had to adapt to a new daily life without much interaction with each other and had to work remotely.

These sudden restrictions quickly forced companies to adapt, with many companies increasing the number of virtual meetings and installing the latest collaboration software. Employees need to get used to this new working environment without anyone around.

Little do people know, what exactly is this newly found way of working Metaverse looking to adapt and grow. During this period, the interest of cryptocurrencies, NFT and blockchain technology on the rise. The combination of this along with remote work is seen as the cause of the boom Metaverse , and Web3.

The realization that many office and computing tasks can be done from home has led to diverse innovations including office simulators, virtual reality social platforms, and other tools for collaboration. and be productive online. 

The emergence of the virtual economy

In addition to businesses transitioning to telework and integrated marketing, we have also seen a spike in virtual economies that are growing along with this boom. 

Big blockchains like Ethereum , and Polygon created a whole new way of making money online. With these blockchains, it is now possible to build a business through Metaverse and use cryptocurrency for profit in a rapidly growing space. 

Entrepreneurs as well as developers from all over the world have been building mass businesses over the last few years, with some of them becoming fully decentralized profitable projects through public technology. blockchain technology. Although these companies are built in much different ways than the businesses we know, they still receive a lot of traction and attention especially from the younger generations.

Some of these digital entrepreneurs have even set up their own businesses inside the platforms Metaverse. With platforms like Decentraland , and Sandbox, people can buy virtual land and build whatever they want on that land. These platforms are not just for games as players can become business owners in a whole new way by setting up shop inside these universes. 

Transactions for in-game items, rewards, and other ways of monetization are typically paid out using the platform's native tokens, here for example. SAND or MANA of The Sandbox , and Decentraland

In order for these businesses to operate and generate revenue, users can earn tokens in various ways such as winning games, completing tasks or even by participating in events. It is also possible to sell items as NFT, so countless ways really exist to make money in Metaverse.

Businesses are expanding their brands in Metaverse

Big companies are also starting to forge into a new type of marketing. Brands that have been around for decades are now starting to move towards Metaverse and realize how much of an impact it has on publicity.

How bigger brands see the fun of Metaverse usually through user-generated content that can be actively used as a marketing strategy. Brands can host their own virtual events where customers can purchase products and even receive rewards. This approach has introduced a new way for brands to connect with customers, giving them the opportunity to play a larger role. 

Over the years, we've seen brands like Adidas, Nike, Desserts and other famous brands have stepped into this new project. Many of these brands even sold NFT is partnered with some of the biggest blockchains available today. 

This is a new way for large companies to market and create unique and innovative experiences for their customers.

How the Metaverse will change the way we work

Understand Metaverse it can be a bit daunting for newbies, especially given how some might see it as the future of work. With shaping Metaverse As the new means of work that will be used for many years to come, global citizens will likely have to adapt to the concept in the years to come.

Let's see the specific ways that Metaverse will change the way we operate.

Work remotely from anywhere in the world

Work in Metaverse It also means that people can work completely remotely from anywhere in the world. This primarily requires an internet connection, which means people can work on the go and achieve more flexible working hours.

A normal workday as we know it often requires workers to be physically active from the workplace. In the new era of Metaverse, this will no longer be a requirement and therefore people are no longer required to be in a particular place to do their work. 

Decentralized technology provides freedom for individuals and allows employees to work wherever they want as long as the required work is delivered.

Video games will gradually become another job

With Metaverse, we've also seen a huge boom in blockchain gaming and NFT. All three go hand in hand, making playing video games the new popular occupation. With games play to earn, people can now earn revenue from playing and turn it into a living wage.

Gaming for money has seen success in countries like Philippines, where for some, play to earn has become a self-made profession. As everyone can now earn income from different games, players can become investors and even entrepreneurs.

Axie Infinity – Blockchain game leading the trend of Play to earn, helping to change the lives of many gamers around the world 

Run decentralized businesses and hold meetings in 3D họp meeting rooms

For now, Metaverse enabling a completely decentralized business model. Take into account decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO), these organizations hire people to work for them through decentralized means. 

Benefits of the DAO has proven to be a structure that allows the community to influence a project. Today, most global corporations are no longer a small select group of people making major decisions. Instead, it is the community at large that influences the direction of a project.

Metaverse is also under constant development and people are constantly finding new ways to make it useful. Not just for online gaming and fun, but now becoming an active part of businesses' daily lives.

Maybe tomorrow's corporate meetings will be held via VR headset in a virtual meeting room. Big companies like Meta , and Microsoft has been testing meeting rooms like this, where individuals can collaborate in real time.

Let's imagine joining meetings with avatars Metaverse yours as you look through the weekly performance numbers! Although it's a fairly new concept, it's clear Metaverse is here to stay as companies of all sizes are actively working to grow it.


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