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Instructions to sell XLM (Stellar Lumens) from Airdrop Keybase to VND

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Keybase Airdrop 2 billion XLM

Some brothers received XLM from Keybase. But do not know how to sell? Candlestick Blogtienao (BTA) I will guide you to sell XLM to VND to your bank account!

Choose a buying exchange that supports XLM

To sell fiat currency. You can choose an exchange to buy and sell fiat currency. Some exchanges support VND and can buy and sell XLM such as: Vicuta, Coinhako...

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In this article, I will choose Vicuta floor. Not like other floors right KYC (identity verification) is very time consuming. On this floor, you only need to register and verify your email to be able to trade with a limit of 1,200,000 VND. The limit is just enough for us to sell the XLM received from the airdop (688 XLM).

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Register for an account on Vicuta

You can register by following the link: https://blogtienao.com/go/vicuta. In addition, you can see the article below for the most detailed registration.

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Sell ​​XLM on Vicuta

Instructions to get Stellar Lumens (XLM) address on Keybase

This address is used to receive XLM from others. Here, I get the address for sale in the section below.

Step 1: Brothers access section Wallet (Wallet). You can press Ctrl-5 for quick access. Then you choose Receive.

Get XLM address on Keybase

Part Your public Stellar address is your Stellar address.

Get XLM address on Keybase - Photo 2

Open order to Sell XLM on Vicuta

After you have an account, go to Purchase. Next, search XLM and choose Sell Stellar Lumens ok

Note: When buying and selling required same seller name with account name and RIGHT CONTENT to send money. Transactions with different names will be refunded.

Sell ​​XLM on Vicuta

Fill in your information. Part take Address I have the instructions above. Fill in this Address section so that Victa will refund you if something goes wrong. My Stellar's address doesn't have MEMO so don't fill it in. If you have a MEMO, remember to fill it in. After filling in, you press Confirm home

Fill in customer information

Nhan confirm.

Vicuta floor warning confirmation

Transfer XLM from Keybase to Vicuta's wallet address

Transfer according to the information of the sales order on Vicuta

Go to Vicuta's XLM address

You open Keybase up to section Wallet (Wallet). Next, you choose the button Send ok

Transfer XLM from Keybase to Vicuta

choose To a Stellar address

Transfer XLM from Keybase to Vicuta exchange - Photo 2

Fill in the address information Vicuta provided.

  • to: Fill in the Address
  • USD ($): Enter the amount of $ so that when converting to XLM, the correct number of XLM to sell on Vicuta. Here, I guide is 687 XLM. Fee is 0.0000100 XLM which means you have to transfer 687,00001 XLM.
  • Add public memo: Fill out the MEMO Vicuta provides

Note: Remember to fill in the MEMO not to be skipped. Sent by mistake on the floor is not responsible somewhere.

Transfer XLM from Keybase to Vicuta exchange - Photo 3

Instructions to get Transaction ID to fill in XLM sales form on Vicuta

After you have finished transferring, go to the History in Saw Please. Click on the history you have sent. If you do not provide Transaction ID, the transaction will be slower when provided.

Get Transaction ID

Copy part Transaction ID to fill out the sale transaction on Vicuta!

get Transaction ID - Photo 2

Fill Transaction ID yours then press Transfer Confirmation. Now, you just need to wait for the money to arrive in your bank account.

Note: Sales orders will take some time to process. Just wait for the money to come back!

Enter Transaction ID


Hope you can sell XLM through this article. If you have any questions, you can comment below.

Problems related to Vicuta floor, you can contact Support of the floor. Wishing you success!

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