Instruction to register, create wallet, buy and sell Altcoin on Poloniex


In the previous post Virtual money blog showed you how to sign up, create a wallet and Buy and sell Altcoin equal Bitcoin money, Ethereum on Bittrex floor is very detailed, this article will introduce to you a reputable, safe and popular cryptocurrency exchange community "surfAnother favorite is Poloniex floor. Please follow along.

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Overview of Poloniex trading platform

Poloniex - Exchanges other cryptocurrencies Bitcoin also known as is Altcoin Leading in the US, you can find a lot of coins traded and traded on this. Poloniex floor has an easy to use interface, friendly and a team of professional support, enthusiasm, high interaction with users through "TROLL BOX" of Poloniex. Time Poloniex floor It is also the largest trading floor in the world according to Coinmarketcap statistics.

Instruction to register an account on Poloniex trading platform

Step 1: You access the following link for money to open accounts on the floor Poloniex, (Poloniex will often make you confirm the capcha to avoid DDos situation so you take pains =). You click on "Create your Account".

Sign up for an account on Poloniex platform

Step 2: Complete the information below and click "Create Account"

Enter Poloniex floor registration information

Step 3: At this time the system of Poloniex will send you an email to confirm your account, go to Email then click on the link that Poloniex sent.

Confirmation of Poloniex floor registration email

Step 4: Poloniex will redirect you to the login page, enter your Email and Password as registered to proceed to log in to Poloniex.

Log into Poloniex trading platform

Ok, got it So you have successfully created an account on Poloniex trading platform It's quite simple, isn't it? This is Poloniex's main interface, the top right corner is the advanced settings for your account.

The interface of the cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex

Some basic information on the Poloniex exchange

- Exchage: This is where you can observe the trading charts of cryptocurrencies, candlestick charts and you can adjust it by the hour and day to track very detailed.

- At the table Markets is the listing symbol of coins, price, total trading volume (Volume), changes in price amplitude within 24 hours (Change), there will be 4 tabs including BTC / ETH / XMR / USDT, each tab when Click on it will display a list of corresponding coins that are converted into the main coin of that tab.

- For example, the first tab is BTC, the coins in the list below are priced in BTC. You want to buy or sell any coin, just click on that coin.

- Poloniex provide quite a lot of coins for you to choose to buy and sell, you can find out which coins are constantly fluctuating in price or have a tendency to go up in the next time, you can take advantage of surfing. or long-term investment.

Instruction to deposit Bitcoin into Poloniex wallet to invest in other Altcoins

Same as Bittrex floor then with Poloniex You cannot directly deposit USD or VND into your wallet, you can only top up Bitcoin (BTC) then use Bitcoin to buy and sell stuff Altcoin different only. For those of you who already have Bitcoin in your wallet (Example: Blockchain wallet or Coinbase wallet) then just move in Poloniex wallet is ok and for those who do not have Bitcoin, you need to buy Bitcoin to load into Polo wallet, currently in Vietnam, Remitano is the prestigious and largest exchange, as well as has the best purchase price, you see the instructions on how to register for an account. clause and Buy Bitcoin on Remitano below.

- Instructions to buy and sell Bitcoin on Remitano Exchange

When was there Bitcoin then you need to load it Poloniex wallet, so where to get the address Poloniex wallet? You see the instructions below.

How to create Poloniex wallet address to store Bitcoin and Altcoin

Step 1: Go to "BALANCES"And select"DEPOSITS & WITHDRAWALS”Here will have all the Poloniex accepted coins, with unverified accounts, Poloniex will have a daily withdrawal limit of $ 2000.


Step 2: To get the address of Poloniex wallet you choose Coin you want to send, here you send Bitcoin should choose "BTC"And click"Deposit”Same row.

Create a new Poloniex wallet address

Step 3: Next, click on "Deposit Address”To create a new wallet address. Character string "1EL4ziu5hbe79PeGCa2R51Q5CLkezS6Ans”Is your Poloniex wallet address, which will be used to store your BTC.

Get the address of Poloniex wallet to send Bitcoin

OK, got it Now you have it Poloniex wallet address Then, you proceed to deposit BTC only, if you buy BTC on Remitano floor (I recommend you buy BTC on Remitano because the price is better on then at “Step 2"You just need to change"Bittrex wallet address" equal "Poloniex wallet address" is OK,. After sending, you need to wait 3 - 12 hours for Poloniex to confirm your transaction, BTC will be in your Poloniex wallet. Next I will show you how to use Bitcoin to buy Altcoin on Poloniex.

Guide to buy and sell Altcoin with Bitcoin on Poloniex

How to buy Altcoin on Poloniex

Before entering the tutorial, please note Invest in Altcoin Which is your own research or learn how to trade coin from which coin to feel potential and then invest, this article absolutely does not give you advice on which altcoin to invest at this time, because that is analysis of each individual investor. I will do the tutorial Stratis coin (STRAT).

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Step 1: First you go to the "Exchange", Then choose"STRAT"On the"MARKETS”As shown below.

Guide to using Bitcoin to buy and sell Altcoin on Poloniex

Step 2: Scroll down to the "BUY STRAT”This is where you will place your purchase order. You notice 2 parts:

- You have: Your existing BTC number, because of the new account, I don't have any BTC yet

- Lowest Ask: The lowest price you can BID under "Price" to buy coins

Below is what you need to consider, you enter the boxes:

- Price: The purchase price of 1 STRAT that you set on your own, you must set a minimum of the floor price given in the "Lowest Ask" current is 0.00263215 BTC, usually I will inch up a bit to buy faster, wallet For example: 0.00263216 BTC.

- Amount: Number of STRATs you want to buy

- Total: Poloniex will automatically calculate the amount of BTC you have to pay

After entering, click "Buy”To complete. However, you will not be able to buy immediately, but at this time the purchase order you have placed will display under the "MY OPEN ORDERS"Status" Panding "means waiting for someone to place a sell order that matches your price level before you can buy.

How to buy Altcoin with BTC on Poloniex

If you want to buy faster, scroll down to the "SELL ORDERS”This is where others sell their STRAT at a variety of prices, often the orders ranked by Poloniex on the top are the cheapest, but it also depends on how many STRAT you want to sell. You balance the price and the number of coins to buy, click on the orders you want and then pull up the "BUY STRAT"Click"Buy"Is done, STRAT will enter your wallet without waiting.

How to sell Altcoin on Poloniex

Step 1: For sale STRAT coin you go to the "SELL STRAT", part "Highest Bid”Is the highest price you can sell, currently 0.00259971 BTC for 1 STRAT.

- Price: The price you want to sell, you only get BID highest price is "0.00259971 BTC" which Poloniex floor shows in the "Highest”, You can BID a little lower to sell coins faster.

- Amount: Number of STRAT coins you want to sell

After entering, click "sell", Now your order is also displayed under the"MY OPEN ORDERS"Status" Panding "when someone placed a buy order matching your asking price, then you can sell the coin.

How to sell Altcoin to get BTC on Poloniex

In addition, to sell faster, you can choose who is buying STRAT under the "BUY ORDERS"You need to match the number of STRATs you need to buy and the price, usually the highest bidder will be lined up first by Poloniex, you click on the Order you want to sell, then drag on the"SELL TRAT"Select the" Sell "button to sell immediately without having to wait long.

Instruction to transfer Bitcoin (BTC) from Poloniex to Remitano for sale to VND

After has sell Altcoin into Bitcoin then, you feel profitable and want to sell BTC to VND, you need to transfer BTC to a certain exchange in Vietnam to sell, here I give an example with Remitano floor Please. Similar to Poloniex Or any exchange, Remitano also provides you with a wallet address to store BTC.

Transfer Bitcoin from Poloniex to Remitano floor

Step 1: You visit Remitano to get your BTC wallet address in Remitano: Go to Bitcoin Wallet => Select Deposit will display Deposit address, this is your Remitano BTC wallet address, you just save the address This is a bit more use.

Deposit BTC into Remitano wallet

Step 2: On Poloniex floor, go to "BALANCES" choose "DEPOSITS & WITHDRAWALS", Continue searching for" Bitcoin "and select"Withdraw”, Here you enter:

- Address: The Remitano wallet address you took earlier

- Amount: Number of BTC to withdraw

After finishing, click "Withdraw”To withdraw BTC to Remitano, of course when withdrawing money you will take a small fee, but not worth it.

Withdraw Bitcoin from Poloniex to Remitano floor

After BTC It's already on your Remitano wallet, if you want to sell to VND then continue to follow the steps in this lesson ok


Ok, got it Above is the article "Instructions for registering, creating wallet, buying and selling Altcoin on Poloniex detailed from A - ZDetails for beginners can also do. Same as when writing articles about Bittrex floor It is advisable that you should not hold all of one type of altcoin but invest 1 - 2 coins will be the best and before investing any coin should learn carefully about that coin to see if it is really potential or not. Do not invest emotionally or badly.

Present, Altcoin is a new investment trend of many people instead of Bitcoin, when the price Bitcoin or Ethereum go too high, for newbies who don't have much capital, it's hard to play. Altcoin will be the best solution for you who want to profit from cryptocurrencies. If you have any questions please leave below the comment section we will try to support you as soon as possible. Good luck.

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  1. Could I ask if I didn't buy BTC but I bought some other coins like ETH, XRP from chimcugay, can I transfer to poloniex as usual? Or is it mandatory BTC? Thank you

  2. I opened the account in pono, but when I verify the ID, I don't know how to upload ID or passport? Admin, please guide me. Tks

  3. Let me ask you why I entered this polo floor so it doesn't show the chart on me and when I click on the BTC to see the coins but not him. Can you show me how to fix it. Or you can give me your email so that I can send a screenshot to my email, so you'll understand better.
    If not, you can complain to me about my email, please.

  4. I mined ZEC money from eu2-Nanopool and transferred to Poloniex, when the work was done normally, the money transferred was displayed at BALANCES, DEPOSITS & WITHDRAWALS. From February 23, 2, in the ZEC part of BALANCES, DEPOSITS & WITHDRAWALS did not see the update, but the eu2018-Nanopool mining side still digs normally and has the correct transfer address. just help

  5. Please let me ask:
    1: When digging, do you need to fill in the wallet address + Payment ID?
    2: I created a wallet on Poloniex but xmr only has the wallet address, not the Payment ID address
    Hope that you can help.


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