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What is Coinbase? Instructions on how to create and use Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin wallets on Coinbase

Coinbase - In the previous post, I showed you how to create bitcoin wallet on Blockchain as well as how to use a blockchain wallet from A - Z in detail. Today, will continue with a reputable, safe and free online Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin wallet creation service that is Coinbase wallet same way to use coinbase, how to transfer/receive money via coinbase. Please keep an eye on it, I will show you how create coinbase wallet The simplest and the steps to use it.

Instructions to create a bitcoin wallet on coinbase
Instructions to create a bitcoin wallet on coinbase

What is Coinbase?

Coinbase is a cryptocurrency exchange and at the same time provides wallet services for storing different coins such as: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) , and Litecoin (LTC). However, currently Coinbase exchange Coinbase does not support buying and selling transactions for some countries including Vietnam, but with the storage wallet service, any country user can use Coinbase.

Basically Coinbase wallet no different from wallet Blockchain.info, an extremely reputable website that allows bitcoin investors to create wallets to store coins they earn or buy from other providers. Many of you ask me that "Is coinbase wallet safe","is coinbase wallet good?“I can confirm that at the present time, Coinbase and Blockchain are the 2 best money storage e-wallet services. Coinbase's service is completely free, meaning you can create wallets, exchange, trade, buy and sell BTC without any fees. Therefore, Coinbase is used and trusted by a large number of bitcoin users.

However, the successful transaction confirmation time of Coinbase will take longer than Blockchain. But this small defect does not reduce the number of users, it is simply free and has many other advantages that help users to conveniently store and exchange virtual currency such as: Easy to use, safe, No fees, fast pick up and delivery.

Instructions on how to create Bitcoin, Ethereum, LTC wallets on Coinbase

1. Sign up for an account coinbase.com

To register for an account on coinbase, please visit the following link: https://www.coinbase.com/signup (Usually when you first access Coinbase's default language, it will be French or something, scroll down to the bottom of the page to notice the "Language" section and then click "English" for easy use.)

– Next, fill in all the information: First Name (Last Name), Last Name (First Name), Email and Password then click on “I agree to the,..” and then select Create Account

Register to create Bitcoin wallet on coinbase
Register to create Bitcoin wallet on coinbase

After registration, the system of Coinbase will send a confirmation email, you go to the email to activate the account, it will report something like this, click on Verify Email Address and you're done.

Coinbase Email Confirmation
Coinbase Email Confirmation

Ok. So the steps to register to create a Bitcoin wallet on coinbase are done, it's quite simple, isn't it, now it's time to use it. Coinbase wallet. Please continue to watch below

Instructions to use Bitcoin wallet on Coinbase

After confirming, you will see the overview of the new interface bitcoin wallet on Coinbase as shown below, (The time Blogtienao.com wrote this article was March 20.3.2017, XNUMX coinbase has changed the interface compared to before, which is much easier to see and use, even non-specialists can use it. .

Interface of bitcoin wallet on Coinbase
Interface of bitcoin wallet on Coinbase

Below I will explain the most important main features of coinbase wallet that you need to understand to be able to master coinbase:

  • Dashboard : Your coinbase wallet dashboard
  • Buy / Sell : This function can only be used with countries like the US or Europe, VN is not supported
  • Send/Request : You can use this function to send BTC or ETH to another place
  • Account : This is the place where BTC, ETH, and BTC accounts are in cold storage
  • Setting : A place where you can change your personal information, avatar, password, turn on 2-layer security, ...
  • tool : Where you create a BTC or ETH address, which is the address to receive money, you can also create multiple addresses, all addresses are in the same account, so it is easy to manage.

Coinbase allows you to create about 200 different addresses, this is a pretty good advantage when use bitcoin wallet on coinbase. To do this, select the human face logo and select Advanced.

Instructions to create a Bitcoin+Ethereum+Litecoin wallet address in Coinbase

First, I want you to know each virtual currency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin in your account Coinbase will have main wallet , and extra wallet. As for the main wallet, this is the wallet that will automatically change the wallet address after each time you receive money. So after each time you receive money, you should check the new wallet address before sending it to the sender.

And another point to note is that the wallet addresses only the main wallet after each money is automatically listed in the list of secondary wallet addresses. So what if you have a case of forgetting to update the new wallet address but still giving the old wallet address to the money transmitter? The answer is absolutely okay, the money is still in your account normally

First, I will show you how to get coinbase wallet address main first. You select the tab "Showcase"then select"Get Bitcoin Address” as shown below to create a wallet for each type of BTC, ETH and LTC coins

Generate bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin wallet addresses on coinbase
Generate bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin wallet addresses on coinbase

Instructions for creating multiple Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin sub-wallets in Coinbase

Next one Coinbase account you can create thousands, millions of leeches just secondary Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin wallets to receive money, and when someone sends money to that address it goes to your account coinbase wallet yours. For secondary wallets, this is a fixed wallet address even after each time you receive money.

So in case of small amount transactions you can use a fixed secondary wallet address. And another point to note is that the wallet addresses only the main wallet after each money is automatically listed in the list of secondary wallet addresses.

You go to the tab "tools"then select tab"Addresses“, select the coin you want to create a secondary wallet and then select “Create New Addess“. You will see a secondary wallet address appear right below, you can use that fixed secondary wallet address to receive money from someone.

Create secondary wallet on coinbase
Create secondary wallet on coinbase

Instructions for transferring money from your Coinbase account to others 

To transfer Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin to someone else from your Coinbase account, select the tab “Send/Request“, select next tab”Send“. Next, Enter the recipient's wallet address or Coinbase account email, select the currency you want to transfer, enter the amount to be transferred, write the transfer content. And finally choose "Send Funds” to transfer money.

How to transfer money from coinbase
How to transfer money from coinbase


Ok. So Blogtienao.com finished instructing you how create coinbase wallet to store Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin as well as how to use, transfer/receive money from coinbase, it's not difficult right, you just need to follow and follow my step-by-step instructions for sure you will create your own Okay bitcoin wallet on coinbase for your own use. Good luck

Watch an intuitive and easy-to-understand video tutorial on how to create and use a Coinbase wallet

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