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Instructions to install & receive Airdrop via Vicion app

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Hi all,
As you know, VIC is the first and only community in Vietnam to develop parallelly as a technology company.
In addition to products for internal use only, in 2017 VIC launched the Vicion app to serve the community more widely and conveniently.

The application is aimed at an all-in-one service, to meet the needs from basic to advanced for Crypto users, most of the services are free.

In particular, the most prominent newly released feature is probably the Airdrop Platform.
With 2 main purposes:

  1. Providing high quality marketing services with a whole new experience for Partners & Customers
  2. Generating regular side income for community members
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Here are the detailed instructions for receiving Airdrops from AZ

Step 1: Download Vicion

For Android

You can search directly on the PlayStore with the keyword "Vicion" or "Vicion - Crypto All In One" because Google reviews the application quite easily and quickly, so Vicion is always updated as soon as possible.

Or you can download it quickly with the link below

For iOS

Because Apple's AppStore heavily censors Crypto applications, the latest version of Vicion has not been updated on the Apple Store.

That version is outdated, so we have cut off the API and can't use it anymore.

The whole family can download it via the link below with the following steps:

  • Step 1: Install TestFlight app if you don't have it yet
  • Step 2: Click on the link above, click "Start Testing" (Figure 1) => If a screen asks to enter Redeem code (Figure 2), turn off TestFlight completely and then repeat step 2
  • Step 3: Figure 3 appears, click Install to install Vicion

Step 2: Sign in

You need to log in to be able to use Wallet and have access to the Vicion Family chat room.

Temporarily Vicion supports login via Google and Facebook API, all protocols are secured by Google and Facebook, so it is very safe and fast.

However, sometimes there may be a problem of not being able to login in 1 of 2 ways, it may be due to an API error or a network problem, please try using a different connection.

Step 3: Create a new wallet or restore an old wallet

Vicion Wallet was developed with the purpose of supporting many different types of Chain, but in order to release Airdrop Platform soon, VIC decided to integrate Ethereum Network first.

In essence, the operating mechanism will be the same as that of the MyEtherWallet wallet, which supports ERC20 tokens.

Create a new wallet

  • Step 1: At the home screen, click “E-wallet” or swipe right to switch tabs
  • Step 2: Click “Create wallet”
  • Step 3: Show a successful popup, click OK
  • Step 4: After successful wallet creation, it will provide you with 2 information Private key and Mnemonic Phase. You should save this information to avoid forgetting, it is the key to recover the wallet next time and CANNOT RETURN IF LOST, each key corresponds to a wallet address and cannot be changed.

Restore old wallet

  • Step 1: At the home screen, click “E-wallet” or swipe right to switch tabs
  • Step 2: Click “Restore wallet”
  • Step 3: Enter the Private key or Mnemonic Phase from your old ERC20 wallet (can be scanned) and then click “Finish”
  • Step 4: The wallet screen after successful recovery will show all the tokens in your wallet, which can be sent, received and managed easily. Airdrop will be sent directly to this wallet.

Important note:
Vicion does not store the user's private key and Mnemonic Phase information at all!
VIC is not responsible for property damage due to an external cause (hacked, key revealed, ..)

Step 4: Join Vicion Family

Vicion Family is the chat room inside Vicion, where the members exchange and exchange. It is also the place where the epic Airdrops take place.

Click on the icon in the lower right corner to join the Vicion Family

VIC tries to learn the best of Messenger and Telegram, combining with many other ideas to create Vicion Family. At this point, she is still not as perfect as expected, the Dev team is still upgrading hard to bring the best experience to everyone.

Step 5: Get Token

This is the step that everyone is looking forward to the most :)

Admin will randomly distribute Airdrop at any time, for Airdrop from VIC's fund.

If it is a large Airdrop campaign from sponsored projects, there will be an announcement in advance about the time, questions and documents for the whole family to prepare in advance on the VIC channel.

When airdrop is distributed, there will be a notification from the application to all members.

You need to click on the notification or go directly to Vicion Family. Gift Card will appear with the same question, click on Gift Card to enter the answer.

The correct and fastest answer will receive the token directly to the wallet through Smart Contract.

When the countdown time is over or enough people have answered correctly, the Gift Card will automatically close.

To form a habit for the whole family, VIC will set the regular Airdrop time. If there is an Airdrop in 1 day, there will be 2 milestones to note

1/8 o'clock in the morning
Announcement of 10 questions that will be used in the Airdrop and a link to provide information with answers for everyone to find out in advance on VIC Channel

2/8 pm
Start Airdrop

Meaning of color states:

  • Yellow: Gift is still waiting for the recipient
  • Green: Successful status, tokens are being transferred to lucky member wallets. You can click on the Header of Gift to track transaction information
  • Gray: The waiting state to change to green, red or Gift has closed after the count down time has expired and no one has received it.
  • Red: Transaction failed due to an error, possibly from Ethereum Network

If anyone wonders why the correct answer is not received, there are 3 reasons:

  • Submit is slow, there are thousands of people interacting at the same time, so maybe you submit on the correct app, but slower than others, the server will run out of slots.
  • If you don't read the Airdrop instructions carefully, you need to click on the Gift Card to enter the answer, not the chat below
  • Gift failed – this is rarely the case. Sometimes it shows a red error message, but in fact, there is still a transaction to be sent

Last word:
Airdrop from VIC may not be big, but it is VIC's gift to the community. Wish you all win a lot of Tokens for me ^^

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