The most popular daily free bitcoin mining method today


While the price of Bitcoin has now decreased, its attraction is still very large in the cryptocurrency market, and how to make money Bitcoin The same goes for bitcoin mining. So today the Virtual Money Blog will guide you How to dig free bitcoin daily, that is to use free bitcoin mining sites. Here are some of the most reputable free Bitcoin digging sites available today. Then you can gradually, wait until the price is high, sell.

Instructions on how to quickly free bitcoin mining


Before going into the post guide to dig free bitcoin You need to prepare a bitcoin wallet so that after earning btc, it will be transferred to your bitcoin wallet for later use. Currently, there are 2 pages that allow Create a bitcoin wallet The most reputable free is Blockchain , and Coinbase. There are also many other types of wallets you can refer to below!

Watch now: Check these top 9 Bitcoin wallet Safe and confidential

Once you've created your wallet to store and trade in bitcoin, then start now earn bitcoins with sites that allow free digging. Here is a list of websites Free reputable bitcoin mining 2019, the best that Looking for daily btc.

Note: Bitcoin online mining sites are very risky, as well as scammed. You should research carefully before deciding to deposit and invest. We only introduce some typical and famous pages today. But do not recommend investing in this area. Know the risks carefully before making a deposit.

If you really want to dig Bitcoin, learn and invest in Bitcoin mining machines. Learn more about green buffalo, red buffalo, ASIC to manage their assets. Do not invest in Bitcoin mining online.

The reputable free Bitcoin mining sites

Here, we would like to introduce to you some free bitcoin mining sites in the form of dialing & viewing ads. These sites are predetermined that they won't make too much, but if you want to increase your income in your free time, you can make more.

Brave Browser

Brave Browser is a famous browser for blocking ads. However, if you see ads on the browser, you will also receive money.

Currently the browser is available on both phones and computers. So you can earn money right on your phone or computer.

Step 1: Download Brave browser

Brave logo Download

Step 2: To enter the setting select enable Brave Reward. Now you just need to surf the web with your browser to make money.

Enable Brave rewards ads

Also you can register become Creator to earn money. Details you refer to the article below

Watch now: Brave browser


Step 1: Sign up for a FreeBitcoin account:

Then you enter email => password => Captcha code => SIGN UP. The Your Referrer section is fine to leave it blank


Step 2: Earn Bitcoin for free

Once registered, scroll down to the section shown in the image. Tick ​​on oh I'm not robot => ROLL.


You will get a random number. The bigger the number, the more BTC you will receive. If you're lucky you will receive up to 0.031 BTC there. You will be filmed every 60 minutes.


Check the box Play sound when timer runs out to be notified by sound when 60 minutes are up.

Step 3: Withdrawal

Once you have 0.0003 BTC, you can withdraw to your bitcoin wallet.


First, you need to update your BTC wallet at the section Please. When you have enough money, you enter the item WITHDRAW to withdraw money.


There are 3 ways to withdraw money but I usually order automatic withdrawals (Auto Withdraw). That is, whenever there are enough 0.0003 Freebitcoin pages, it will automatically be transferred to me.



Step 1: Sign up for a Dailyfreebits account:

Registering on this page is very simple. You only need to enter the bitcoin wallet address and press GO.


Step 2: Earn free bitcoins


You check the box I'm not a robot => Claim. You will receive a random 5 - 1200 Satoshi.

Step 3: Withdrawal

You will need a minimum of 100.000 Satoshi to request a withdrawal. To withdraw money, just click Cash out all.


Step 1: Register for BTCclicks account:

The registration is the same as the page above. You simply paste the Bitcoin address and press GO. Then fill in the basic information and click Sign Up.


Step 2: Earn free bitcoins

To mine bitcoins for free, go to the section Surf Ads. Then click on the ads below to get bitcoin.


Then you wait a moment and you will see a box like this. You click I'm not a robot => Submit is done.


Go back to the home page to check if the BTC has been added yet!

Step 3: Withdraw money

To withdraw money you enter the item Libra => Dasdboad => Withdraw => Enter the BTC wallet address => Withdraw.


Minimum withdrawal amount is 100.000 Satoshi.

Digging Bitcoin for free using a browser

Above, we have shown you how to earn Bitcoin with free bitcoin mining sites, and now I will guide you to mine for free with a browser. For this way, you just need to turn it on to run it only. No need to click to manually click ads like the pages above. This is a great way for those who work a lot with computers. Or there are many cheap or free VPS that rarely use.


The first page that I would like to introduce to you is Faucethub. This site is very reputable because it is an intermediary payment channel for many free bitcoin mining sites.

Step 1: Sign up for an account:

Signing up for an account is similar to other sites.

Step 2: Free bitcoin mining

After you have logged in, go to Mining.

bitcoin-mining-faucethubHere, you will choose the amount of CPU core that you want to use to mine coins (Threads section). And Break Time is the time for the computer to rest after every 30 minutes. But these 2 parameters I usually leave the default. Then click on Start Mining to start digging.

Step 3: Withdrawal

When you have enough 0.0002, you go to Withdraw to withdraw money.


On this page, you will earn Bitcoin for free by downloading the Cryptobrowser browser. Then, you use this browser to go online, surf the web, watch youtube ...

Step 1: Download the cryptobrowser browser:

Click on TÉLÉCHARGER to download the browser.


Then proceed to log in with your gmail account.

crypto-bitcoin-free-cryptotab-2Step 2: Bitcoin mining for free

  1. Access to the control panel
  2. Customize the digging speed of the computer
  3. Referral link for other participants to receive commissions.
  4. Withdrawal


If you have a spare computer or VPS, it is very suitable to make money with this Cryptotab site.


Above, are the daily free bitcoin mining ways you can refer and use. The websites that we introduced above, we have successfully tested and withdrawed money so you can safely dig.

If you guys know more pages Bitcoin mining for free Any more reputable, please comment below for everyone to refer to. Lastly, don't forget to give us a Like, Share and rate 5 stars below. Good luck.

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  1. I tried to show me how to dig with me, but I came to the email and did not help me.

  2. Fraudulent FreeBitcoin.
    I would like to present that when I mined enough bitcoin to withdraw to 0.0003, I placed a transfer order to my bitcoin wallet. I placed an order for 6 hours and within 6 hours I normally did.
    But after 6 o'clock, something happened that from here, the login cannot always be "Incorrect Login Details". I try to Reset Password but I do not see incoming mail including drafts.
    Checking the bitcoin wallet did not see bitcoin from FreeBitcoin.
    Admin said it was a blatant scam? Before withdrawing money, you do not have "Incorrect Login Details", you are logged in as normal roll, but you will be immediately logged in after withdrawal order.


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