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Cryptocurrency investment for people with little time

Previously, ad Hen wrote an article Must-know knowledge for newcomers to the Cryptocurrency market, this is a post for newcomers to this market.

Cryptocurrency investment for people with little time

But to complete the items in that lesson, it takes a lot of time for newbies, so what should we do? How is it okay for newcomers to have little time? We will dig deeper into this issue with ad Hen.


Newbies, the vast majority are office workers, students, even those who are working in the traditional field, sometimes even mothers with milk, etc., and most of them don't have time. Therefore, the cases of contacting the ad for advice are all cases of entering the market and SML, then looking for an ad to "coal":

  • Join MLM lose all money.
  • Delegate to others or beat yourself up and panic.
  • Buy green sell red (eg: https://t.me/BTA_Trade_Coin/1560)
  • Sell ​​it young and then sit back and regret it, then have to buy it back at a higher price.
  • ...

And there are many other cases, lesson after lesson, learning over and over again, never ending. So what is the solution for newbies, with little time, but greed in excess?

Before going into Tips, let's learn about the upcoming market together with Ad Hen (I'm lucky to have a personal opinion, please refer to it)


Update on the current world situation (April 04)

  • Printed money piled up (USD, EURO, Yen, VND, ...)
  • Covid continues to ravage even though there is a vaccine.
  • The war is still going on….

All of this information will help the Cryptocurrency market, In my personal judgment We are still in the Uptrend.

Judging through celebrities, investment funds

Why CZ has been tweeting “buy the dip” lately, Why is it that large investment funds like Grayscale continue to buy billions of dollars of crypto and show no signs of stopping. That is a sign that large organizations and investment funds have started to invest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

The heads of large organizations will have more data to analyze than we do, so we will believe because by comparison, we have neither the experience nor the data to predict that.

Is there a Downtrend like in 2018?

From the above, the market will no longer have deep corrections like in 2017-2020. In the 2017-2020 period, just 1 small organization, discharging btc makes btc sml and leads to a catastrophic decrease in btc, altcoins turn into garbage.

And now, dozens of billion-dollar funds have entered the market, the fight is very different now. Reasons for price speculation will not be as shocking as it was in 2017-2020:

  • They compete to accumulate, and you know, the funds they play for a very long time, so in the short term they will temporarily not discharge. If there is discharge, it will also be collected by other funds.
  • The supply of BTC ETH,… is limited. When there are many participating funds, even traditional funds are preparing to participate, it will be difficult to reduce sharply.
  • Fundraising projects do not earn in BTC ETH like before, they earn in Stablecoins, so the pressure to sell for project development money is no longer there.

When there are tons of money printed, there is always an abundant source of money waiting for when the market turns to buy back, ADJUSTMENT REDUCTION OF course MUST HAVE, BUT A DEPRECIENT REDUCTION IS POSSIBLE.

It is predicted that the market will grow until the end of October 10, which can temporarily end a big wave, there will be corrections like btc dropping 2021-1%-20%. (I guess so, but the timeline is subject to change)

For example, when the btc segment is 50k, it goes up to 80k, it is possible that it drops 20-30% back to 50-60k. At that time, of course, altcoins would still be shocked by the exchange rate, but not to the extent of jumping 50-100-200 times like 2018

Therefore, NEW PEOPLE, if you are interested in this industry, either you have to 100% seriously study, or apply the way ad will post below (for newbies with a little time)


#1 Use only 1 floor

that is Binance, or Huobi, registration link:

This will save you from having to worry about account management, recommend using Binance because there are more HOT coins on it. Many coins can still X3 X5 X10 X20 X50 on Binance.

#2 Just learn how to buy and sell, basic trade

You just need to know how to use VND to buy USDT, then use USDT to buy coins on the exchange. On the contrary, after selling coins to USDT, then selling VND from USDT is fine!

#3 Choose a coin with a good ecosystem

When you have to force newbies to learn a lot of knowledge, which is capital management, emotional management .... But in each field, it is divided into 5-10 types of capital management, emotions as well as other special cases. It's true that the new "brain" is 100%.

Some good platform coins you can refer to: DOT, NEAR, SOL, ATOM, ETH, BNB (These are ecosystem coins, meaning other coins when created will run on this coin)

#4 Choose playing strategy (key)

The smartest and most headache-free strategy is DCA every month. If your monthly salary is 20 million, then you can deduct 10% - 20% to invest in coin ~ about 2-4 million.

This strategy is both good capital management, good emotional management, less pressure.

After having 4 million, choose a day of the month, people booed and jumped, usually red floor…and buy no matter what price it is (this is applying the green strategy to go to the market).

Currently, when I know this post is 04/2021, it is possible that the uptrend will last until 11/2021. For example, if you choose NEAR, buy according to the plan, until the end of October 10, if x2021 x3, sell and take profit. 

Next year, about a month after Tet, we start the process of buying continuously for 1-12 months and consider it as a 24-3 year long hug according to this formula and wait for the results.

(perhaps at that time the platform coin will change, so remember to follow Blogtienao to update the latest knowledge)

Investing in coins that x2 x3 x5 is very successful compared to traditional investments, if you want to be greedy, you must have knowledge! Greed without knowledge then SML soon!

Hen Vai - Founder of BTA



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