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Great earning strategy with CoinEx Ambassador (Special Program for Futures)

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Not long ago, the world famous cryptocurrency exchange CoinEx introduced the program CoinEx Ambassador (Special Program for Futures). All Ambassadors participating in the program will receive a commission of up to 60% based on the trading fees of users who register for a CoinEx exchange account and start trading futures contracts through the Ambassador's ref link.

So how can we make amazing profits from CoinEx Ambassador (Special Program for Futures)? Here are some effective money making strategies that you can refer to.

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First of all, you need to meet the conditions of the program including: individuals with more than 3.000 followers on the SNS platform, the leader who runs a social media channel with more than 500 members, platforms, organizations … Please follow CoinEx on SNS platforms to check the specific registration process.

The registration process is as follows:

  • Sign up for a CoinEx account at www.coinex.com;
  • Visit CoinEx Ambassadors page: https://www.coinex.com/activity/ambassador, enter the referral code “futures”, then click [Apply] and fill out the registration form;
  • Receive a CoinEx welcome email once the application is approved;
  • Click [Account], select [Referral Commission] and copy the referral code or link.

After completing the above steps, you will be able to get 60% commission from futures trading fees paid by referred users from July 25th to October 7th, as long as they register via the link or your referral code and start trading futures on CoinEx.

So how do we accomplish those tasks and earn 60% referral commission on futures trading fees? Here are some strategies that work for different user groups:

For starters, qualified individuals, KOLs, professional investors, content creators and institutions/platforms can all sign up for CoinEx Ambassador and earn money as long as they understand what futures trading is. . Furthermore, commissions will be paid in USDT and Ambassadors can swap them into any other cryptocurrencies for investment purposes through spot trading or swap functionality on CoinEx.

If you are an influential KOL on media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, you can always add a CoinEx referral link to your articles, videos, profiles or tweets. 

If you are an admin of a crypto community, you can refer CoinEx to many others to get 60% commission from the referrer's futures trading fees.

If it's a platform/organization running SNS accounts, multimedia content or tool sites trying to monetize traffic or earn extra income, users can also sign up for the program. submit and add exclusive referral link to website banner and ad space. In addition, users can also refer CoinEx to their users by publishing relevant content, such as articles and video tutorials. 

Through CoinEx Ambassador, you can quickly profit from your influence in the community. What a great choice in “Crypto Winter”.

About CoinEx

coinex is one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, established in 2017 by CEO Haipo Yang. CoinEx is not only an exchange but also a rich ecosystem of: ViaBTC mining pool, Cryptocurrency wallet ViaWallet, Decentralized exchange OneSwap, smart contract chain, and most recently the charity – CoinEx Charity.

Besides, with continuous development and efforts, CoinEx has changed the motto of the exchange to "make cryptocurrency trading easier" to make CoinEx a place to meet the needs of the crypto exchanges. inexperienced traders as well as veteran traders.

In addition, when the whole market entered a long-term bearish phase, the exchange understood the psychology of users wanting to make money in the bear market to launch a number of features to help “beating Future” is easier than ever.

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