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Binance CEO CZ Expects Bigger DeFi Boom in 2022

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CZ notes that the current growth in the DeFi sector is just the beginning.

CEO of Binance Changpeng Zhao stated that DeFi will boom in 2022 and everyone should expect this to happen.

According to Zhao “DeFi saw rapid innovation in 2021, and we are likely to see increased interest and innovation in 2022, with SocialFi and GameFi acting as key drivers.”

CZ believes NFT, P2E games and metaverses will enrich the community, continuing to attract a large number of interested people.

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Zhao believes that with the development will bring smart solutions to solve current Defi problems and meet the needs of the user community.

DeFi explosion is just the tip of the iceberg

Zhao noted that developments in the DeFi sector are just the beginning. With the advancement in GameFi, SocialFi and many other tech giants joining the train, we can expect much more of this ecosystem.

Global Cryptocurrency Adoption at the end of 2021 is pegged at 5%. However, Zhao expressed his optimism about a bigger step forward in 2022.

He say, “We are optimistic that global crypto adoption will grow from 5% currently to 20% by 2022.”

Zhao stressed the need for more regulatory clarity. Clear guidelines will help protect new investors as they enter the volatile world.

Binance itself is outside the law. The company has had to discontinue service or change supply in many countries including China, Canada, the UK and some parts of the EU.

However, in some other countries, the world's leading cryptocurrency exchange continues to be well received.

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