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Bitcoin is still bullish despite all the warnings, the road to $ 20,000 is not far away


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Bitcoin is still bullish despite all the warnings, the road to $ 20,000 is not far away


Despite many analysts warning bitcoin will take place a pullback once it breaks $ 16,000, but no… the price still rises despite all warnings, bulls are in full swing towards the target of $ 20,000.

While many analysts bitcoin Maybe expecting a pullback back to the $ 10,000 or $ 12,000 zone, the coin looks to be doing just the opposite.

According to the latest update from Coindesk, the price of bitcoin in this morning session continues to accelerate strongly. This currency is currently trading around 17.700 USD, this is the highest threshold ever recorded in more than two years ago.

Bitcoin price movements

Over the past 24 hours bitcoin has been continuously correcting, with the lowest price recorded at $ 16,560 and the highest being at $ 17,862.

Bitcoin exchange rate today (August 18) recorded at 11am at $ 8, up 45% over the past 17,711 hours.

Bitcoin exchange rate

Not only has bitcoin exploded, in the top 10 many coins are also trying to rise. In the past 24 hours, 9/10 dongs appreciated, many of which had positive growth.

top 10 virtual currencies

Total crypto market cap today recorded at 8:50 am at $ 499,11 billion, an increase of $ 23 billion from the past 24 hours.

Total market capitalization

The 24-hour trading volume of the market continued to increase strongly, reaching 147,04 billion USD, this figure is 25 billion USD higher than 122 billion USD on November 17th.

Bitcoin goes against all warnings

Jamie, a well-known cryptocurrency analyst on twitter, stated that:

“Okay, $ 16,500 will be the top of bitcoin this year, I believe the uptrend of this coin is over. In my opinion, bitcoin will have a pullback to the region around $ 12,000.

He warned investors not to participate at this point as bitcoin will experience a sharp drop from the top.

“You should stay out, in my opinion, because it will be risky to join now. Please wait until bitcoin retests 12,000 USD support ”

Agreeing with the comment, a trader nicknamed "BigBog" said the market is about to take a big storm, in which bitcoin will drop to 11,000 USD.

“Bitcoin is too hot… but it will be extinguished in the next few days. Historically, after each such bull run, there have been strong drops. "

He added:

“Indeed, it has grown so fast, in less than two months, from the September closing price of $ 2 now soaring to nearly $ 9. In my opinion, now is the time to come back to 10,700 USD ”

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