5 Application to earn bitcoin by phone on iPhone and Android


Hi guys. Recently some people asked me how dig bitcoin with your phone or more specifically applications that allow earn bitcoins By playing games, the two most commonly used operating systems are IPhone IOS , and Android, you simply download the game app on your phone and then play these games to earn bitcoins.

Digging bitcoin on iphone and android phones
5 Application to earn bitcoin by phone on iPhone and Android

Today, I would like to write this article to share with you 5 free bitcoin applications running on two operating systems is IOS , and Android, help you earn extra income in your spare time, how to use it is quite easy, the principle of operation of the application Kiem bitcoin currency free This is based on how you play games and watch ads.

5 applications to earn bitcoins on Android and IOS phones

1. Alien Run application

Earn bitcoin on android with alien run

Link to download the game: Download Alien Run (Link Die)

Alien run is a very good game and I extremely love it, it is a quite interesting game that creates a sense of excitement for players, can help you relieve stress in the stress and earn a great bitcoin right. You proceed to download the game and play it, your job is to run through each screen that the game creates to earn Satoshi fit. In addition, you can plow more bitcoin by watching ads to take the life and change the amount of satoshi earned. I usually do bitcoin mining on android with this game very effective

2. Bitcoin Aliens application

Earn bitcoin on iphone phone with Btc Aliens
Earn bitcoin on iphone phone with Btc Aliens

Link to download the game: Download Bitcoin Aliens (Link Die)

Bitcoin Aliens It is no different than the alien run application that supports you Bitcoin on both iOS and Android, you will earn satoshi by destroying the Aliens. You should look for high-value Aliens to kill because the higher the number, the more satoshi bitcoin you get. You can also watch ads to earn more bitcoin, change the amount of satoshi. This App I also regularly use to bitcoin mining on iPhone

3. Free Bitcoin application

Plowing bitcoin on iphone and android
Earn bitcoins with the free bitcoin app

Link to download the game: Download Free Bitcoin (Link Die)

This can be said is a pixel application for work Watch ads for free bitcoin and you can also earn satoshi btc by doing the tasks given to you by the game. This app, the amount of satoshi will be less than the two apps above so I usually play on my phone in my spare time, just a few minutes a day, you will also earn a little bit of satoshi. Very suitable for students who are students in their spare time, have one iphone or any smartphone running the operating system android is possible bitcoin mining already.

4. Application of Blockchain Game

Earn bitcoin on android for free
Earn bitcoin on android for free with Blockchain game

Link description game: Download Blockchain Game (Link Die)

If you've ever played the cake cutting game of Talking tom then you will see this game is similar, but your job is to arrange the blocks in line with each other. The higher you are in the queue, the greater your chances of earning Satoshi, it looks quite simple but when I first knew it was not simple at all. Many times his earn bitcoin on android with this app is very frustrating, because every time it is ranked, it will collapse, but say anything, this is an interesting game that you should try.

5. Abundance application

Play games to earn bitcoins with Abundance
Play games to earn bitcoins with Abundance

Download link: Download Abundance (Link Die)

Abundance is the easiest to use of the 5 apps above, the way to earn bitcoins with this game is that every hour you open the app on New Quote will get a quote in English, then you Spin the lottery to receive the corresponding satoshi. Especially if you hit the Gold box, you will have the opportunity to receive extremely many satoshi (like winning a jackpot). Also, like Free bitcoin then you can too earn more bitcoins by doing the tasks that the app sets out.

You can see instructions for earning bitcoins on your phone via video

That is Virtual money blog shared with you "5 bitcoin mining applications by phone, App for bitcoin on iPhone and Android”Is completely free, helping you earn daily satoshi without having to invest any money. Hopefully this article will help you get one more idea Make money online in my spare time, create a passive income source for myself. Good luck

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  1. 1 satoshi is equivalent to how much Vietnamese money, admin. As far as I know, about 2 dong. That took so long to make money ah. See the ad with only 5 satoshi.

  2. Let me ask, I see the video you show how to play, how can I see so much satosi (25 satosi <) in those games ?? And what I play is the same, but why do I play too little for a week to have 2000 satosi because each time only get 5, 6, ... 16 satosi is the same. And the game (BitcionAliens) shot an alien I couldn't download because I couldn't find it ??? Please help answer .thanks

  3. Need patience, where to make money is easy, to turn from the stage of creating vi? There are many other related ways to receive your Bitcoins ?!


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