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Hello readers, I am Hen Vai - Founder of Blogtienao.com (BTA), today I would like to allow you to share the article about the potential coin list that I am following.

The reason for choosing to post the web is because many times, Post Facebook or Telegram limited to some things, not even posting! Therefore, Xin would like to update his thoughts on the coin portfolio of his own admin in this article for everyone to follow.

Before we go into further analysis, one point should be emphasized. Every time ad update, there will be date notes and explanations, the Previous updates will not be deleted. So in the future, I can learn from what experience, wrong place, right place, not good and bad.

Should hope you carefully look at the timeline, and only see this as a reference, not investment advice.

Coin Investment List Reference

Update 10 / 04 / 2021

A few points to note that you should pay attention to:

  • The BSC hackathon finished and BSC exploded.
  • TRX hackathon happened and just now Justin Sun pushed TRX coin to the roof.

From a project perspective, Hackathons will launch potential projects on that system, thereby promoting the development of the ecosystem and increasing the price of that token ...

In the near future, which system will increase? Some information for you to know:

  • The Hackathon SOL went on with a total funding of $ 100m, and there are a few potential projects coming up.
  • NEAR does not have a Hackathon, but projects that run on NEAR are already on the horizon.
  • Projects on DOT are launched continuously, promising a big wave that will land in DOT system in Q1 / 2.

So what will be next? Those are SOL tokens that will fly to the top, so will NEAR, but will increase slowly, more slowly. (Some SOL children: SOL, SRM, RAY, OXY, MAPS, FIDA)

(This is personal prediction, not investment advice)

You keep following this article, because the ad will regularly update the flow based on personal judgment in this post.

Update 25 / 03 / 2021

The ad coins are following, now will rearrange in the old new order (because some of the rafters have been called from the entry a long time ago)

The markets have passed the entry, still HOLD

This list probably you have seen quite a few times in the telegram channel that the ad has pinned, currently the ad is still holding and grafting to the higher tp. Predicting X2 X3 X4 X5 compared to the price entry at the time of writing depends on the child (March 25, 03)


The markets have long called and corrected


These girls are horrible, most have a little xxx, have x1, have x2, have x3, but then adjust quite strongly, back to the original entry.

New markets, ad is following

This is a public contract, there is no publisher contract because there is still more to be watched.


Coinbase follow list contracts


Of course there are still many others in Coinbase's portfolio like KEEP, AUDIO, LPT, RLY, ... but ad prioritizes the others first.

The follow list of Binance


This is the list, but in order of priority, the ad posted in the previous post mentioned on the channel.

Some markets have successfully called and the binance exchange list and completed the goal, the ad only follows a little, and has sold out, for example: #DODO #PERP #SFP #DEGO

As for me, CAN, some of you kept inbox, admin, asking me what #CAN has fud but I got smashed

  • CAN sml like the other kids, just look at the other kids.
  • CAN does not have a delist on MXC, this is an experience, you just try to look at the new ones in the MXC list, all of them will have the same countdown time as CAN, don't they all delist?

This list, just updated for everyone's reference, but the ad is still just watching and continuing to watch. 

In addition, there are a lot of coins, although the list of Binance is still very potential, the CHR CHZ OGN, CAKE, ... although the list of Binance has been listed, still x20-50 times the bottom. But you have to understand this is MONEY GAME, whoever admin said it was good, but if it was x100-200 times, even if it was delicious, it would be risky when you enter it ...

There are many good matches out there, which require the whole team to work seriously, organize data, report and share with each other, to make progress faster, and that is the reason why it was born. by BTA VENTURES, link:https://t.me/BTA_Trade_Coin/1444

Admin, when you ask, admin, admin will accept. Not the first 3 hands and 6 hands, that many have not followed yet, then when you ask the other children, honestly admin is information blind, so you guys sympathize!

How to have rating like AD

Ad is not god, nor can it know when the coin goes up / down. And the more it is impossible to know when the coin will list the exchange, because it is internal news of that exchange, sometimes the staff of the floor do not know.

So prediction is based on personal experience, as you know, prediction is right and wrong. My job is to have the right view of the trend, manage capital well, so that the problem of probability becomes safer.

Wanting to be like ad, or more pro than ad requires you to have deeper knowledge in the market, learn and experience.

Even ptkt or ptcb are very important, that knowledge is a lot on youtube, you can learn for free. But if you want to be quick, you can learn the lesson in the order of Crypto 101 (PTCB) and Trade Coin 101 (PTKT) from the following link: https://academy.blogtienao.com/

Do not say admin or admin, admin just makes an judgment, some places refer, there are many other places where you can study, consult, not force it. So the antis to read and understand, please, admin.


This is the article that the ad will update and update, every time there is an update, the ad will announce, the portfolio can change very quickly because the market rotates very quickly and quickly.

So admin hope if anyone likes to follow up, they should understand PLAN ad clearly. Thank you again for reading and supporting the BTA team.

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